Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Quick,Quick...before its gone...

***Sale Alert***

Every girl needs to know when there is a hot sale on and Topshop have sneakily added to their sale line over a 1000 items- but have yet to advertise it going live! So quick head to the site now before all the good sizes are gone!!!! You can find this red blazer that I featured on this 'splurge or steal' post a while back, meanwhile I am lusting after these black ankle cut off shoes and this neon dress. Thank me later....

Yas x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My month in Instagram...


Links and details to photos are below- Of to Morocco in less than a week (eeeehhhh!) and wrapping up all my work commitments till then- so too say I'm stressed is an understatement! My bedroom floor is currently covered in sequins and tutus and I have musical theatre songs permanently stuck in my head!!! Not complaining though as I wouldn't have it any other way! Hope to fit in an overdue Fierce Shoe Friday and Holiday Essentials post somewhere in there too lol! Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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1. Beastmode lol! Ah no, I have started Body Conditioning sessions using weights and have already seen an improvement 2. Did anyone go see Iron Man 3??? Robert Downey Jr is just amazing! 3. My bf- he has a blog too where he writes about cf and his work as a therapist 4. Rocking nike blazers and neon pants 5. Obsessed with THIS fedora I bought from Topshop- it's now my go to hat for bad hair days! 6. You know how obsessed I am with Alex and her HRH Collection brand- well my adorable sister gifted me with the 'Mermaid's Dream'- yey to bling! 7. Obsessed with a Japanese restaurant called Musashi of Capel St, Dublin- by far one of the best Japanese places to eat and incredibly reasonable. 8. An OOTD- love a tee and leather pant combo at the mo. 9. Topshop Gladiators (old) I rocked in the amazing weather we had a while back. 10. Chai seeds are my latest health buzz/fad I have bought in too, lol! Sprinkled on salads and smoothies! 11. We don't get to see the sun very often in Ireland so this was an insta moment that just had to happen. 12. A MAC Cosmetics haul (lipsticks in 'myth', 'angel' and 'asian flower', blush in 'mocha' and skin finish powder on 'shape the future'- 13. A selfie of myself and the bf. 14. Beyonce- I.HAVE.NO.WORDS.TO.DESCRIBE.HOW.PERFECT.THIS.WOMEN.IS. 15. Selfie rocking a Michael Agwunobi 'Line up the bitches' tee. 16. I just love me some am1's