Tuesday, 27 August 2013

VMA 2013: Yay and Nay looks

Before I even get into my Yay or Nay, can I just say how awesome Mr JT performance was. I HAD GOOSEBUMPS...no really, I did!! He is just pure heaven and total unleashed my inner school girl screams once again... 

One of my favourite things about watching any award show (popcorn and giddy face to queue) is looking at all the celeb looks. Whether it's the stars that nailed the red carpet or the ones that need to sack their stylist ASAP!! These outfits usually become replicated on the high street for all us celeb obsessed freaks. Yes I will admit- I went for the infamous one leg dress a la Angelina Jolie after seeing her at the Oscars. Except mine was a bargain from boohoo.com....classy!
Below are my Yay and Nays of the MTV awards special. What were yours?


1.Selena Gomez. Two words. HOLY MOLY! She absolutely rocked this Atelier Versace. There was the right balance of sexiness (thigh split...yay!) and fierceness, without the whole look looking to dominatrix. Punk is going to be a big trend for A/W13 and this dress threw a hint of it with metal rivet catches through out the whole seam of the dress. Go you Selena!

2.The Danity Kane girls. Girl band fashion can be really hard to pull off and can often look to put together. But this is perfected monochrome at its finest. Loving Aubrey's peplum mullet  jacket and Shannon's leather hotpants and bralet combo. FIERCE! And perfect for clubbing attire...


3. Katy Perry. What where you thinking? I absolutely love leopard print but this Emanuel Ungaro dress is just plain fugly! I get that she is going with the theme of her new single- but it was just too flinstones for me- so maybe if the arms were cut off and there was less detailing on the neck line...Such a shame, because most of the time I really do love Katy's kooky looks at award parties.

4. Rita Ora. She usually gets it so right...but this is just so wrong wrong wrong!The belt breaks the dress in an unflattering way and doesn't show off her beautiful figure...and the feather mullet skirt is too strictly come dancing for me...

Friday, 16 August 2013

Fierce Shoe Friday

Coming back with a bang...

Obviously there hasn't been a Fierce Shoe Friday post in a really really long time, so I thought these bad boys were the perfect way to restart FSF with a bang. Today's Fierce Shoe Friday post is Zara's Leather Ankle Strap Boot. I am utterly obsessed. My sister recently purchased them, but as they fit too small, and she has as of yet been unable to exchange them for a bigger size (sold out everywhere...) I am hoping these bad boys will grace my footwear shelf. Fingers and toes crossed!

Zara has labelled them as 'back soon' on their site- so register your interest with them as I am sure they will sell out instantly again. I (hopefully...) plan to pair them with tuxedo trousers I bought a while back or a pair of culottes. A copy of the much coveted ALAIA shoe- these are so perfectly seductive on the feet and at only 70 euros, do not come come with a weighed down price tag. 

Happy Friday x

Leather ankle strap boot (Zara)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer Holiday Essentials

We are not always blessed with the opportunity of flying with a luxury airline who give gracious amounts of travel weight allowance...sometimes, we have to endure the pain of flying budget with a not so gracious airline! And by pain, I mean v.limited weight allowance! In my case, Portugal was a spontaneous trip, so the only decent flight was with a low cost airline- and even with a check in bag bought, I am still only restricted to a 25kg allowance in total. This has made me totally rethink my packing scenario and really knuckle down to the essentials!  Here are mine;

1.Tangle Teezer- 

Literally the best invention ever! I tend to go for a fuss free look with my hair on holiday as the heat often sends any form of styling into a frizz ball! So I usually put a serum in it during the day(Moroccan oil is a life saver) and have it in a top knot for most of the day and this bad boy get rid of any tangles before I go out for the evening festivities. ASOS have an awesome range of colours which I totally recommend mixing up...

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter balm-

With SPF 15, my lips are fully protected and moist for lazing by the pool. We tend to forget about our lips when applying sun cream and this is the perfect tool for it. I purchased mine at my local pharmacy.

3. Fedora-

Hats are a must have cover up for when your having a serious tan sesh- I can spend hours baking out in the sun- but my poor head hates it, so save yourself from sun stroke and rock a fashion forward fedora at the pool. There are a huge choice of hats to go for- but limited with luggage- I wanted one that could pair with several looks that I am planning to wear next week. Miss Guided, Zara and River Island all have a range of funky hats- but Topshop is where my grey one is from.

4. Sunnies-

When I am buy the pool, all I tend to do is read, read and read! Whether it's the latest glamour magazine or a gritty thriller, sitting by the pool with some material is my idea of pleasure! I will be wearing these Rayban Wayfarers but in the square version. They can be found at ASOS. I did however spy these bad boys from the Sunglasses Hut last time I was in the airport- I like the funky take on the classic aviator- so may have to do my best puppy dog eyes and get the bf to get them for me lol!

5. Reading Material and Music-

Obligatory Glamour Mag shot. I have been a Glamour reader for the last eight years and still have every issue ever bought- September's issue will definitely be coming with me. I also have my iPod to do some prep work for stage school.

6. Gold hoops and a printed Scarf-

To keep my hair in a top knot by the pool I often wrap a head scarf around as an alternative to wearing a hat. It adds plenty of colour but is also practical. And I will never go anywhere without my circa 2000 JLO hoops- I think more Chic Riviera as oppose to Ghetto Fabulous lol!

What are your holiday essentials you can't live without???

Monday, 12 August 2013

Dear Diary and mid year reflections...

Wow! I really have been MIA for the last while. I have been preoccupied with the dilemmas life tends to throw at you in one go. Why does that always happen?! Since I have last blogged, I have closed up my school for the holidays, wrapped all my work showcases, went to Morocco for a family holiday, got braces, started summer camps, began preparation to expand my business, kick started my butt into a health regime and began packing for Portugal with my bf. PHEWWWY!

I am not complaining though, I am utterly blessed to have the opportunities that I have. This time last year I was just about to graduate and the amount I have grown since then is huge...slowly but surely I am becoming more positive and my self esteem has boosted loads. I was an absolute nervous wreck last year! I am really happy with my progress in work. Most of the graduates in my year have really been unable to do anything degree related and I am so grateful I had my dance to fall back on. Usually you fall back on something you studied academically- but in my case it's very much the opposite. Weird! It's something I utterly enjoy doing...and most of the time never feels like work. Personally, I am reaching bigger and more difficult goals of being more sociable, more positive and calmer in my day to day life. Whether this is being achieved through the fact that I am nearly a quarter of a century old (I refuse point blank to say that number!!!) and I am maturing or the changes I have subconsciously made are now paving away into a more positive me, I couldn't be happier. I still have bad days though, and because I am taking a bigger gamble by opening up a new stage school, I am fully aware that there are going to be really dark dark days. But isn't life about taking chances and making the most of each and every moment.

My holiday booked with Ev for next week was utterly spontaneous, the old me would have been like no way am I going away, I can't afford it, I have too much to do at home, we haven't planned anything etc...but I am trying to live life a lot more freely and with less expectations.  I recently came back in contact with an old friend from London, we had lost contact for years but getting back in touch with her was great. Reading her stories of what she has been up to the past few years has been fascinating and I totally recommend it to anyone who may have lost contact and wants to rekindle a friendship. It takes an awful amount of balls to be the first person to make the move but it can be so rewarding. 

Oh god, this post is a very long diary entry and a very philosophical one, lol!...I have literally typed away with what ever has come to my head. I am off now to workout, though I really don't want too! I am so sore everywhere from my weights training yesterday and the thoughts of going on a jog and doing core work is making me utterly nauseous- anyone who says exercise releases happy endorphin's needs a smack to the head. I hate it!! But the rewards I am getting from it both physically and mentally is the only thing that is motivating me right now lol!

Have a fantastic week everyone,

Yas x