Friday, 13 February 2015

50 shade of GREY!

I'm heading with some friends to see the '50 shades of grey' movie tonight and we decided to treat ourselves and go for a VIP screening in the Mezz in Swords. So yes, i'll be having a glass of something cheeky with Popcorn and drooling over Jamie Dornan. I have yet to read the books, so I actually have no idea what most of the film will be about (*shock horror*) and have dedicated this post to all things shades of grey. A colour staple in my wardrobe lol!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend,

Yas x

(follow links to purchase items...go deserve it!)

50 shades of grey

1. Premium 'Ghillie' shoes (Topshop)

2. Long duster knitted cardigan (Topshop)

3. Rib Tunic (Topshop)

4. Suede shopper bag (Zara)

5. Whistles felt fedora (ASOS) - *on sale

6. Vans classic slip ons (ASOS)

7. 'Obviously' t-shirt dress (River Island)

8. A-line mini skirt (River Island)

9. O.P.I nail polish (ASOS)

10. Cigarette slim trousers (Topshop)

11. Satin hair scrunchie (River Island)

12. Yasmine Eslami lace bra (Net-a-porter)

13. Yasmina Eslami lace briefs (Net-a-porter)

14. Prism cat eye sunglasses (Net-a-porter)

15. Designsix ear cuffs (ASOS)

V-day....Give a hug day!

So, I had spent the week in my spare time doing up a 'L & B Valentine's Top Ten Gift Post' and was about to post it today. But I had a change of heart. While I will forever luste over Charlotte Tilbury make-up, Chanel perfume and crocheted intimates, there is nothing more that I would like then a...hug! Yep, I said I said that! A hug cures everything!

I have been full throttle work wise since the New Year (hence my absence here...), taking on extra classes, trying to meet deadlines and plan for the ever impending future...but the start of this year has been full of sadness. So many young lives lost, so many people feeling afraid and empty. I have heard myself complain way too many times this week...and I had just had to stop! Enough is enough.

Ask your friends and family are they ok! Flash a's infectious! And more importantly give a hug to your nearest and dearest (and if your feeling brave...a random stranger!), you will never ever know how much that hug will mean.