Sunday, 31 August 2014

Style Diaries 3: Portugal

Pop of Neon

This Missguided duo was something I ordered just before holidays. The skirt is a hot pink neon crepe maxi (and was in the sale...winning!) and the cream crop is new season.

I love a bit of neon, especially on holidays, and this maxi has a real body con feel but the material feels lovely, even during a hot evening over here! I think you could even rock this skirt during winter with a rock band graphic tee and biker jacket!

My sandals are Zara. You can never have enough bling! And my rings are H&M.

Missguided are constantly updating the 'new in section' and if you subscribe to their e-mails- you'll always get some great offers and discounts that keep you reaching for your purse! 

Happy Shopping! X

Friday, 29 August 2014

Fierce Shoe Friday

These boots were made for walking... And guess where they are from? Pennys!

These Pennys/Primark beauties are an absolute steal at €20. I love the dark olive colour as it will go with virtually every colour trouser you own. The heel is super chunky and sturdy and the faux suede keeps the boot looking a lot more expensive then it is!

Well done Pennys! These are on my A/W list! 

Style Diaries 2: Portugal

Love me some Leopard...

Anyone who knows me, understands my love of leopard! I'm obsessed! This skirt is an old season mullet skirt from a brand called UNIF. Nasty Gal stock a wide range of UNIF pieces and I have spied some really nice autumn pieces that have just come out!

I paired the skirt with a Topshop crop tee and gladiator sandals (that I got in the summer sale!). My bag is a Zara last season mini office bag! I know it's not really holiday style but I try to bring as little as possible away with me- and I love this bag for travelling as it's so small and compact! And finally, my braclets are a mixed metal trio from Pennys/Primark.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Summer Mantra

I am very lucky that I'm on my second holiday this summer! With my profession, summer is a quiet time of year- I chose to do camps for the month of July and give myself a whole month off during August. I find it quite hard to sit and do nothing but that was my goal this Summer, to switch off! I do the occasional bit of work here and there (my fingers get twitchy lol!) but other than that, I have spent the last month breathing, eating and sleeping!

Personally, I think back in Ireland, we all work and stress too much and not live enough! People begrudge when you have that much time off during the summer- with the 'it's well for some' attitude being used. People have even said that my job isn't a real one as I don't necessarily work a 9-5. I said it before and I'll say it again, find a profession that you love, not necessarily what pays well (though I'm not ignorant to personal circumstances...) and you won't feel like you have worked a day in your life. Don't work to live, but live to work! 

With only a week between Morocco and Portugal, I got the opportunity to catch up with friends and venture around Dublin.

Myself and Ev went back to Portugal this Summer- only because it's soooo cheap, we already know it and it has guaranteed sun all day!

We eat fish every day, squeeze oranges for breakfast every morning and go on walks/runs as much as possible!

Pure Bliss! I'm about half way through my  stay here in Porches, Portugal...and I couldn't be more revitalised! I'm also super excited to start the new business year in Sept...

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Style Diaries: Portugal

Monochrome Maxi- 

I loved this dress so much in Morocco that I had to pack it for Portugal. It's from pennys (and shhhh- I spied it reduced to €7 last week in the Pennys on Henry St!) and I paired it with my Topshop gladiator sandals that I got in the summer sale. 

Because I'm quite bottom heavy- I need to show of my waist so I don't look 9 months pregnant and used my sisters tassle belt to cinch in. Raging that I forgot to take a photo of the back of the dress- it has two gorgeous spaghetti black straps that look lovely on sun kissed skin.

My hair and makeup was my typical fuss free summer look- hair in a bun and plenty of bronzer!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer Salad

Dad is in the midst of a middle life crisis which has resulted in a garden full of the most crisp greens. Organic obsessives, eat your heart out!

Tonight's dinner is a chili and garlic chicken served with roasted peaches and  basil, sautéed courgettes, a caprese salad and mixed leaf and beans and flatbread. Woah...that was a handful to write!

Marinated the chicken in cayenne pepper, fresh chillies, garlic and salt and pepper. 30 mins at 180 degrees (fan oven). Caprese salad is made up of mozerella, vine tomatoes (newbarn farm), basil and plenty of olive oil and salt and pepper. Peaches were roasted with basil in coconut oil and courgettes were also cooked in coconut oil. Flatbread cooked for 5 mins to crisp. Mixed salad was Swiss chard, spinach and rocket and green beans- washed and served as it is.

Dinner took me 30 mins to prepare and I used a mix of olive and coconut oil. No excuses. 

Salad isn't rabbit food after all...

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Marrakech Diaries Part 1

Unfortunately, the wifi in the hotel we are in is pretty appalling! So apologies for the lack of social media infiltration from me lol!

(Rant warning- why the hell do hotels in this day and age not have decent wifi grrrr!)

Marrakech is hot!!! So hot that I have developed a wee bit of a heat! Anyone know how to solve this? We have a done a few things the last two days but the highlights would have to be the copious amounts of pool lounging, eating and hanging around Jaama El Fnaa. Dining out in Morocco is soooo cheap- yesterday for dinner we had traditional harrira (a soup) and Msemem (a savoury Moroccan pancake)- and for six of us, the bill came to €5!!! Some one will have to roll me of the plane...

Last nights #OOTD-

Necklace (HRH Collection), Waistcoat and Tank vest (HM), Shorts (Levi's) and Sandals (Topshop)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Casablanca Diaries 3

Just a quick post as I'm leaving Casablanca today to visit Marrakech for the next five days. We are driving down and it should take about three hours. Not too long as you have AC lol!

Marrakech is way more touristy so dressing up can be a little more western as oppose to Casa. 

My #OOTD (yday...)-

Crop Cami (missguided), pants and bag (Zara) and Sandals (Topshop). My sandals actually broke in Dublin Airport (and I had to rather enthusiastically do a DIY version with medicinal tape lol!)- then I got them fixed in Casa for a euro!

Have a great weekend everyone! X

Friday, 8 August 2014

Casablanca Diaries 2

It's been a pleasant last few days in Casablanca. I have spent it by the beach, visiting relatives, shopping for fabric, looking at the remaining French architecture and eating copious amounts of food.

It's quite humid in Casa and a mild enough temperature with the weather being in the mid 20's. So totally bearable. Marrakech at the weekend is going to be a whole different story though...40+ degrees...eeek!

My wardrobe was insanely small this year- I only have about 6 outfits that I have played around with. Today's outfit was head to toe Zara with the culotte jumpsuit being an absolute steal I found in the recent sale. I have been dying to find the right pair of culottes for me- and this jumpsuit inspired pair was the best way to introduce this trend!


Jumpsuit (Zara s/s14), sandals (Zara s/s14), bag (Zara a/w13) and jewellery (HM and Pennys mix)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My health guide

I don't do rules. I don't do extreme detoxes. I don't do fad diets or point based plans. And I don't believe that one guide can suit a multitude of people. I do a balanced and healthy approach to every day life. I eat well (mostly...), exercise occasionally (working progress- I love to make excuses like 'I don't have the time lol!) and have made adjustments to my working life.

Here is my top ten guide to a better you; (that I have already started or trying to...)

1. Add lemon or apple cider vinegar to hot water first thing every morning. Lemon cleanses the digestive system and skin. Apple cider vinegar stimulates the cleansing of liver toxins (perfect for the day after your one too many....)

2. Stock up on seasonal fruit and freeze whatever isn't used. You can buy more than your five a day for a week for under €8 (a mcdonalds meal...) in Aldi/Lidl! I have stocked up on loads of mangoes and pineapple and cut into portions and stuck them in the freezer. When it's winter and I feel run down- these portions come in handy for a juice or smoothie. My nutribullet gets used daily. You would be surprised how easy it is to incorporate the bullet in every day life! 

3. Take 15 mins a day to do nothing. No TV. No phone. No book. Nothing! Just sit!  Go on...I dare ya!

4. Take a look at your dinner plate. How colourful is it? If it's looking a bit bland- you mustn't have enough veggies or fruit there! 

5. If your like me and have a hot date with Netflix every night- and 'short' on time to workout? Take 10 mins a day to do a few reps/circuit/2k jog! Instagram has some awesome quick circuit ideas that can be done at home. No excuses! 

6. Read more. But words on paper that is...put down that god damn phone!

7. People watch! Go for a coffee! Take a stroll! Try new restaurants. Buy flowers! Focus on life's little pleasures. These are mine! What are yours?

8. Prepare and plan your meals around fish and seasonal veg and fruit! Recommended intake of fish is twice a week! I eat more than that! Even the tinned stuff is good for you! Just go for sunflower oil and not brine!

9. I have now replaced olive oil in the pan (yes I do fry!) with coconut oil! 

10. Sweet tooth? I always have one! I have now satisfied this with some dried figs or dates. You only need one or two and the job is done. While they are high in natural sugars...dates and dried figs are rich in dietary fibre and vitamins.

What do you feel works for you for a healthy body and mind?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Casablanca Diaries

Hi Guys,

I'm back to Morocco for the next 10 days for some much needed TLC! Spending a week in Casa (with my family) and the final few days of the holiday in Marrakech. I flew with Ryanair (for the first time to Morocco!) and flights were so cheap! It usually costs me around €500 for flights but I paid under €250! More shopping for me so....

One of my highlights whenever I come to Morocco is how fresh my diet becomes- I eat so well! Figs (which are such a luxury back in Ireland) are so easy to get and I start my day with a bowl full...

We spent today in the souks and the houbous (market place) picking up spices, nuts and trinkets. I prefer shopping in Casablanca in the morning when it's not so touristy and the city isn't so humid. I have just devoured the most delishious Cous-Cous and I'm heading to the coast later on for a long walk and some mint tea (delish!).


Leopard pants (Zara- S/S13), tank (H&M basics), Jewelled sandals (Zara- S/S14- scored these bad boys in the sale...yup yup!), Mini city office bag (Zara- A/W13) and Rayban Wayfarers Square.