Thursday, 21 January 2016

January Wishlist...

The bank balance may be in the red...but I see nothing wrong with a bit of virtual shopping to get you focused and working hard for what you want! Here is my January wishlist.

Happy Shopping!

January Wishlist

ASOS Leather look Culottes (ASOS)- I love culottes, I love this colour and I love the price!

Spectrum 4 piece contour set (Beauty Bay)- Because I have tired out my current brushes + I also love the colour of these ones...thats a reason right?!

MAGNIFICENT Sock boots (Topshop)- I have these in black and all though quite pricey for a high street shoe (€120), they are sooo comfy. So of course I have to have these...

Saint Laurent card holder (Brown Thomas)- because its pretty...and I could justify it!

Lace crop top (Topshop)- how pretty is this number? Ok I wouldn't wear it by itself, but just a peak of it under a shirt is super sexy!

Bamboo print bikini (Topshop)- because that's summer motivation right there!

Handmade wool hat (Zara)- a forever growing collection of mine, perfect for in between hair wash days and I think they jazz up any jeans/tee outfit.

ABH Brow definer (Beauty Bay)- I've heard really good things about this product. Have you?

Maison Martin Margiela- Replica Lazy Sunday Morning fragrance (Brown Thomas)- smells simply divine...

Round sunglasses by Prada (Brown Thomas)- because the winter sun is just far too strong for my 
eyes...cough cough!

Black cigarette pants (River Island)- I'm off to Barcelona in February and these paired with a polo-neck and loafers is tres European right?!

Weekend J'taime tee by Sundry (ASOS)- for brunch yah?!

Leather whipstitch heel boots (River Island)- Gahhhh! Died and gone to boot heaven!

Suede leather coat (River Island)- timeless investment piece!

Pink tones animal a-line skirt (Topshop)- always partial to leopard...Pair with a sports vintage tee and ankle boots...tres chic!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cliff House Hotel

My sisters and I sent our parents to the Cliff House Hotel last year for a present and when they returned from their Waterford adventure, they didn't stop raving about the place. Me and Ev are foodies and instead of spending our wages in the pub every weekend, we like to save up and take part in culinary experiences ( we've been to Nevin's MacNean House twice, l'Ecrivain and are slowly working our way around the tasting menus in Ireland!)- it was my anniversary present to him- a night away in the hotel, with a couples massage in the Well Spa and the Tasting menu in the one star Michelin House Restaurant .

This was my first time in Waterford. The drive down is beautiful (it was roughly about a 2.5 hour journey, but that was because we couldn't resist a stop in Avoca on the way for a Coconut Cappuccino!) and you really get to see Ireland, the landscape and it's mighty fine greenery.  I think I often take it for granted. 

{ have you tried the Cappuccino made with coconut milk from Avoca? It's amazing. No need to add sugar and it's so creamy...I live about 40 minutes away from my nearest Avoca, which is maybe a good thing because these things could be seriously addictive...)

{ok I added a filter, but seriously, check out the sky...}

We arrived early afternoon and once we checked in, a lovely gentleman knocked on our door with Prosecco to soak up while looking at the view. Tweet them before never know, you might get a surprise! That's what's so spectacular about the hotel...each room is positioned right in front of the sea, you are literally snuggled into a cliff and if you open the windows you can hear the waves crashing below...pure bliss! We went for a standard room, but it's huge...the bathroom has heated tiled floor, there is a nespresso machine in the room and my room had a pink and tartan theme going on throughout it! There was also a heavenly turndown service that we discovered coming back from dinner that night that I probably didn't appreciate as much as I should have (hey I had one too many...!)- lavender pillow bags on the bed and peaceful music set. Bliss!

We had a very quick lunch in the bar restaurant on our arrival(which was yum!) and went to straight to the Well Spa afterwards for our treatments. 90 minutes of pure heaven. I often get spa treatments, but this was the first time being in the same room as Ev whilst getting one- I thought I was going to burst into a fit of giggles!!!  The couples room is beautiful and actually has a view of the sea...We checked out the sauna room, the pool and the outdoor jacuzzi (which I loved because it was freezing and raining outside yet I was toasty!) once we had gathered enough energy from the relaxation room....hey life's tough right?!Check out the Couples Spa menu here!

Our Tasting Menu, curated by Martijn Kajuiter, who focuses on Irish produce, was at 8pm. Having done a few now, we have learn't a few tricks- don't leave a huge gap between foods that day. People often leave hours between meal time thinking they will be stuffed- not at all. The experience goes over three hours and you never feel uncomfortable!! Check out the wine list before hand. Generally, wine prices tend to be a lot more then your average restaurant, so make sure you budget for this. But you are not at an average restaurant. The wines have been tried, tested and specifically picked. I chose an amazing half bottle of Mas de Daumas Gassac, Samuel Guibert 2013 and haven't stopped talking about it...Do some research before hand (Ev actually likes the surprise element on the day....but I love getting to know new tastes that i'll be experiencing!). Tasting menus for me are like a gourmet cabaret show- it's an event, so be prepared to be entertained. 

Dinner was top notch. Served on the most amazing dining set by Pordamsa- the copper cutlery are to die for!!!

We had for our Amuse Bouche; a cheese and onion froth, beetroot macaroons served with goats cheese and a celeriac mousse. 

What we had for our starters we had West Cork Scallop with jerusalem Artichoke, Ham & Sea Spinach, Dungarvan Rock Oyster with Seaweed, Cucumber & Curry and Duck Foie Gras with Milk, Mushroom, Black Olive & Cracker;

What we had for mains; Atlantic Halibut served with Cauliflower, Hazelnut & Piccalilli Ice Cream, Helvick Cod served with Oxtail, Razorclam, Crosnes & Saffron and Irish Rose Veal served with a Winter Casserole, Tarragon & Maple Smoke

Dessert; Organic Chocolate 65% - Coffee, Olive Oil, Gold & Sea Salt, Seabuckthorn- Rice, Cream & Hops and Parfait “Nougatine”  served with Hisbiscus ,Apple and Popcorn.

I literally rolled out of the restaurant and went straight the bar. The bartender made this most amazing Spiced Ginger Mojito- served in a giant jam jar (the thing was the size of my head!)- what I loved most about the drink was they they used the Old Jamaican ginger beer, which not a lot of bars stock and pubs never have it, so it was a proper treat!

Breakfast the next morning was simply delicious. The view of the bay, fruit plates and yoghurt to start, a three-tiered stand of bakery items, and then a choice of hot foods. We were full till the late afternoon. The weather in Ireland has been particularly bad this year, so we didn't take a walk up the cliffs (though the hotel has an entire wall dedicated to Hunter wellies should you have forgotten yours....) and so we took a walk instead on the beach as the tide was out and it was super fresh out.

{how cute are these Hunter wellies? Such a good idea....}

We said that if we were to come back, it would be for two nights, so we could spend more of the day exploring and walking and taking in the views...Ireland can be so incredibly beautiful when there is a pocket of blue sky on show...


DRINKS IN HOUSE RESTAURANT (1/2 bottle of wine + 3 craft beers) €77

Please also take into account tipping, travel to and from, drinks in the bar afterwards and early lunch we had at the bar restaurant.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Bettering me...

I received two e-mails on what did I actually put on my vision board, I don't think it was purely to be nosey, but more so for ideas on what they could do for their own...

Again, writing it down and having it on display makes it so much more real then just in your head. Some readers might think I'm being too open or that it shouldn't be public knowledge...each to their own.

I actually split my board into four sections; Mind, Body, Work and Wants- The mind and body being really important factors to me (but I also think the most difficult...!). SOME of my focuses this year will be;

1. Letting go- I find it hard to move on from the past. I have now decided that should I have a problem, I will deal with it within 3 days- if nothing can be resolved- move on!

2. Be ruthless- specifically work wise- I have shaped my business to be SO family friendly and affordable that it now has an impact on me financially. I hate saying no to people and always want to help people out. I come from a big family so I understand pressures people faced. Sometimes its ok to say no and sometimes you can't help everyone. The meaning of being Ruthless- it to having or showing no compassion or pity for others. I'm not saying that I'm going to be a selfish pig...but being overly compassionate towards others, can often lead you to being ruthless towards yourself....

3. Food-prep- I love food, more then most things in life and I eat a lot! I also spend a huge amount on food- I am most definitely not one of these girls that can forget to eat for the day...So weekly shopping in Aldi or Lidl and cooking for the week on my quiet day (Sunday!) will help me prepare for the week. Emptying my purse with just enough to get me a tea or coffee will help too!

4. Avoid moaning- I am the biggest whinge bag you will meet! I worked for 54 day straight before Christmas and actually didn't stop telling everybody about it. How embarrassing?! It became so natural I didn't even think about it when I was saying it. The rest of the world probably work longer amounts of time straight. Shut-up moaning Yas! I do actually enjoy what I get to do every day!

5. Saving for a home for Ev and I- I am 26 still living at home and the perks of a full fridge and Sky Sports are dwindling. I want to start my future with my partner. I want my own space.

6. Fixing my skin- having come off the pill about 15 months ago after being on it for nearly 9 years, I have developed clogged skin, I want youthful skin, that glows and isn't tired looking. Diet and stress are important factors in fixing this too! It isn't all about spending money on fancy products and getting treatments...but I definitely won't say no to a spa gift...

7. Walk more- I love walking and coupled with the fact that I spend on average 20 hours driving a week- I NEED to stretch my legs out! Some of my favourite places to go are Howth, Kileen Castle and Dalgan park.

I'd love the hear what you have put down- mail me at if your not comfortable leaving a comment...

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, xxx

Friday, 1 January 2016

Vision Board 2016

Firstly...A very happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed some time off with people close to you! My Christmas was a bit short this year as I worked right up to it, and have had a few random days of here and there due to gigs despite it being the school holidays (I teach!)...but I am not complaining- it's work and I'm grateful for it...

Ev suggested a few days ago about doing up our own vision board for 2016- the board itself having a total 'better me' focus. We both discussed things we weren't happy with about ourselves, things we think we could improve on and also about each other. Self-evaluation and of others is healthy. It's not negative. Some people mistake it for being harsh, but evaluating yourself to better yourself is being honest with yourself.

So, we took a trip to Blanchardstown shopping centre and bought little bits and bobs to create our board- magazines to cut out images, cute drawing pins, coloured card and two large cork boards. It cost all in all under €25 and we have so much craft stuff left over so I am sure it could be done for way cheaper if your on a tight budget! And last night on NYE (accompanied with a heavenly glass of red wine and a mid way feast of an antipasti board!) we got creating....

Some goals are easily attainable, some not so much and will require a huge amount of hardwork. I debated putting things down that are only dreams...but dreams are healthy! Some goals were personal-  a reflection of things I have done wrong or traits about myself that I don't like and some were to better other peoples interaction with me!

There are loads of ideas on Pinterest about vision boards...some that I researched are all colour co-ordinated and have a serious amount of detail...each to their own. The board in now sitting bang on my desk. I have no choice but to see it every day. Resolutions can be made, but if they sit in the brain, they can easily be pushed aside and you lose focus...or so they do with me!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend- tomorrow is my last day off before I am back into work mode and I am spending it with my mum in Kildare village. Yey!

Happy Friday, xxx