Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tried a Tasting Menu?

Tasting menus you say?  Sure that's just a plate with a leaf on it and some drops of sauce right?! Wrong! I swear by them. They are the best way to experience different food groups, cooking techniques, and I simply love them because you've no idea what is coming out from the kitchen and if you will enjoy the dish. It's like a spectacle.

The only draw back for tasting menus for me have been the price of them. They usually run into the 80+ mark and it's just not a viable choice as a dining option for me at the moment. Don't get me wrong though...the heavy prices are usually reflective of the quality of food and the people behind the produce. Some of the best dining experiences I have had to date have been with a Tasting Menu- LOAM and ANIAR (both in Galway!) were out of this world! 

Dining out is definitely mine and Ev's thing...we aren't really into spending our money in the pub on a weekly basis and always jump at the chance to try a new place as we love food with whatever left over cash we have. But as we are in the midst of deep saving, lavish meals out have been put on the burner, despite me always trailing and lusting over restauranteurs social feeds! Roll on Brioche who have put on a tasting experiment programme the last few weeks- 5 courses for a mere €29. Only a provisional time slot has been put on for this experiment, but I really hope it comes back as it was fantastic fun.

Five surprise courses and all were super. But my favourite had to be the ceviche and kimchi plate- I am loving fermented and cured foods at the minute so that was totally up my street. 

Brioche is a great little spot. Spot on decor. Great and knowledgable service. Open kitchen- I love when I see this in restaurants. And located in Ranelagh- possibly one of my most favourite locations in Dublin!

(New potatoes, cucumber, black olive and nuts)

(Ceviche and Kimchi)

(Lamb and Apple)

(Flan and peach sorbet)

(This wrap top is now on sale in Zara)

(My hot date!)

Some of my food finds and recommendations:

Loam (Galway)
Aniar (Galway)
Bastible (Dublin)
Cliff House (Waterford)
Brioche (Dublin)
Neven's (Cavan)

Next up to try- €33 Tasting Menu on a Tuesday at Richmond

Have you any hidden gems? Recommendations?