Monday, 31 December 2012

Reflections on 2012

It's a stereotypical statement to make about my year being the most eventful yet. But it really has. 2012 has seen many major life events, that usually happen over a number of years, happen in the one.

My proudest achievements this year are graduating from college with a first class honours degree. Going to University after I graduated from dance college three years ago was a backup plan, but one I'm ever so grateful for pursuing. Most importantly because I made a small circle of lifelong friends. I'm not really an assertive person when it comes to social circles. In fact, in public I can come across as quite stuck up. It's a facade I have learnt to put up because of previous lessons. So making connections with a small group of friends is something I cherish.

My second achievement is starting my own stage school and productions business. When someone tells you starting a business is hard, you never really understand till you try for yourself. It is possibly the most difficult task I have ever undertook. Countless nights over the past few months have seen me pacing my room trying to find ways of being successful. I'm a high achiever and very determined but the biggest difficulty I have faced is separating work life from private life. Being self employed is consuming. While I want my business to succeed and expand, I believe the key to a successful business is coming to it each day happy. I'm working on this.

I'm naturally materialistic. I like the finer things in life and believe that if you work your socks off, treating yourself is well deserved. I also like to lead a fast paced life, maybe because I'm from London and I enjoy that city buzz. I am not one to dilly dally around life. But with some recent events that have happened, the desire to live this lavish lifestyle has dwindled. My goal this year ( I don't like resolutions) is too enjoy life a bit more. Is it really necessary for me to work that extra day just to get that new coat?! I take life way too seriously and these recent events have just snapped me right back to reality. To appreciate the smaller things in life...

Thank-you to all the subscribers to leopardandbrut. I have really enjoyed writing posts...I just wish I could do it more often...

Happy New Year,

Yas x

Friday, 21 December 2012

Fierce Shoe Friday

A Silver Lining...

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is Miu Miu's metallic leather flats. This mirror-like-metallic leather material gives the shoe its fierceness, while the school girl strap and simple crystal embellishments around the heel soften the look making them all-day wear friendly. Pair with ankle grazers to show of the heel and your feet will be one serious pair of jazzed up delightfulness. They can be purchased at Net-a-porter.
Santa, is it too late to change my list???

Happy Friday, Happy Shopping x

Miu Miu metallic leather flat (Netaporter)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: Gifts for the Host

Celebrate good times...

The festive season usually means one thing; countless parties. Some of which are held not in fancy restaurants but at the homes of those 'entertaining' friends and family we all know. It takes a serious amount of planning to host a shindig and I admire anyone that opens their house to more then ten heads. And while a spread on their table may look effortless, matching drinks to food, to who sits where is serious business...sitting two ex's next to each other could make for a very awkward evening!

So this blog post is on gifting the host. Forget about that cheap bottle of white wine you picked up in your local off license on the way and choose a present your host will never forget. And that will obviously secure your invite for next year's bash...

Happy Shopping x

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: For the Host

1. Kate Spade paper weight (Kate Spade) 2. Steel Tumbler (Zara Home)3. Bella Tray (Zara Home)4. Crystal head vodka (Selfridges) 5. Laurent Perrier gift set (Selfridges)6. Diptyque candle (Selfridges)7. Victor cookbook stand (Selfridges) 8.'Gatsby Cocktails' book (Easons)9.'Eat like an Italian' book (Easons)10. Artificial wreath (Ikea)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Fierce Shoe Friday

Need these ASAP...

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is Topshop's Anchor cut out buckle boot. The ox-blood colour-way is a must have this season. Tick! The chunky black leather straps and thick rubber heel only cement even more fierceness in this shoe. Tick! Metal accents...Tick! 
I am obsessed! Pair with opaque tights and a structured skirt and your ready to hit the town. Fierce!

Happy Friday!

ANCHOR boot (Topshop)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Fierce Shoe Friday

'These boots are made for walkin'...

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is the Stuart Weitzman 5050 Nappa OTK Boot. I am lusting over these big time! Some people tend to think that over the knee boots can be a bit hoochy, but with the flat sole and the use of a two tone material, this is avoided. They are quite expensive, but I have yet to find a boot that represents the same quality produced by Stuart Weitzman and avoid the 'cheap' look that can be found with most high street versions. Please please please can I have these Santa?!

Happy Friday!

Stuart Weitzman 5050 (Saks)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: Splurges

'Hey Big Spender'...

Not everyone has the extra dosh floating around for big gifts, but if you were a savvy saver over the year, here are some splurges that will go down a treat on Christmas morning and earn you some brownie points. Obviously, I am lusting after the Louboutin's. One can dream...

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: Splurges
1. iPad (Pixamania) 2. CL Pigalle 100 spiked patent-leather pumps (Net-a-porter) 3. Givenchy Pandora Messenger (Barneys) 4. MCM Stark backpack (MCM) 5. Jordan 4 Retro (Nike Store) 6. Moncler Quilted flannel gillet (Harrods) 7.Ileana Makri Skull rose gold/diamond ring (Net-a-porter) 8. Jura Impressa coffee machine (Selfridges) 9.Ace of Spades Rose NV (Selfridges) 10. Nixon 1 J2 camera (Selfridges

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: Stocking Filler For Him

My favourite person to buy for at Christmas is my bf. There is nothing more rewarding then working really hard and splashing your loved one with gifts you know will make them smile. Here are my top ten stocking fillers for men. Enjoy Shopping!

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: Stocking Fillers for Him
1.Jack Spade 'Cheddar' wallet (Jack Spade2. Nike Fuel Band (Nike Store) 3. J Crew Hip Flask (Mr Porter)4. Maison Martin Margiela Leather and camel gloves (Mr Porter) 5. YSL woven leather braclet (Mr Porter) 6. Ray-Ban Clubmaster two-tone glasses (Mr Porter)7.How to be a man book (ASOS)8. MK oversized bradshaw watch (ASOS)9. Menswear book (UO) 10.'The Triology' by The Weeknd cd (Amazon)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide 2012: Treats for the Pets


Today's gift guide are festive treats for your pets. Surely, they should be spoilt too?

Leopard and Brut Gift Guide: Treats for the Pets
1. Dog Treats Jar (M+S) 2. Dog bow tie and collar (mollys) 3. Bulldog cushion cover (UO) 4.  Newspaper Toy (M+S) 5.  Candy cane collar (mollys) 6. Dog bed (mollymutt) 7. Let it snow dog sweater (muttropolis) 8. Stache dog toy (muttropolis) 9. Merry bone dog toy (muttropolis) 10.  Clean up kit (mollymutt)