Thursday, 11 February 2016

V-Day/ Give a hug day

My post last year on V-day was one of my more successful ones- it seems my more honest and close to the heart pieces tend to be more enjoyed by readers then posts about items we will likely never be able to afford!

And I'm going to celebrate a year to this day of more honest writing and cement the looming v-day, or as I like to call it- 'Give a hug day'. My boyfriend is just returning home from working abroad and I can't wait to squeeze the life out of him with a huge hug. And the one I will get in return will be what I've waited for weeks- a feeling of being safe! He spends at least half the year on the other side of the world- so when we have our time together, it's letting each other know that we care and love one another that matters.

In a world full of grief, negativity, angst and hate- I really hope we all have at least one person we can turn to when needed. I hate the idea of someone not having someone in their time of need. So take a moment and think of everyone you have interacted with the last while- did they seem a bit off? Maybe they weren't being rude! Maybe there was something troubling them. A little 'are you ok?' can go along way. A cup of tea. A bar of chocolate. A hug!

As I get older (I swear i'm not as old as I nag!),  I've come across more mental health problems in people close to me. Maybe it's not actually an increase, but more that I'm mindful and aware of people with problems mentally. My dad recently lost his uncle to suicide and I can't bare to imagine the emptiness he must have felt. It saddens me that some people still have no one to talk to. That they have no hope.

So, this week I'm encouraging myself to hug and be hugged by anyone I interact with (where humanely and appropriately possible!), ask a few more people are they ok?! and work wise- I want to develop a Worry Box for my students where they can leave the worries in a box incase they don't feel comfortable telling them.

I'd love to know more ideas about being mindful of others? Please share...

Happy Thursday and in advance- Give a Hug Day! Mine is going to be spent getting my nails done with Ev- tres romantic right lol!

Friday, 5 February 2016

February Ponders + Wishlist

I sort of dread February's- it's birthday month and being the impossible goal setter, every year I get older, I build up this sense of dread and vast feeling of anxiety! I hate that I'm not where I want to be at my age. I'm totally forward thinking, but the finish line seems so far away...

I really hoped for more control at the age of 26 going on 27. I always read about these successful ladies- doing it all, all so young... (and with a smile!) and fret as to why I am not achieving like these beautiful ladies. Have I taken too much on? Have I set my ambitions too high? My parents always taught me that what ever I want in life, I have to go out and work my bum for it. But sitting in my parents house in the converted attic, with a nasty bout of teenage skin and on the second season of Chicago Fire, I'm having a real sorry for myself moment! 

My life isn't really that bad! Is it? And when I think about it more, my fear of failure turns into pangs of guilt. I have lots going on for me. I'm off to Barcelona and Galway in two weeks, and I'm reasonably healthy and happy! Or at least I should be...What right have I got for having a feel sorry for me moment. And then I realised that it's ok to be having a bad day (or month in my case!). It's ok to cry in the car! And it's certainly ok to not be content with how your life is panning out. It means I am ambitious and I have a desire to want to better myself. Nothing wrong with not wanting to be complacent....

So biting the bullet, and wanting to shake off this rut, I have booked a few meals out with friends, made a reservation with the lovely ladies at Tropical Popical and created a February Wishlist...well because shopping make me happy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

February Wishlist

Clarisonic Smart Brush (Brown Thomas)- ...heck I'm nearly 27, but my skin is currently having a teen crisis. I have recently started Microdermabrasion- but this bad boy would actually be value for money compared to all the sessions I would have to get...

Camo print joggers (Topshop)- let's be real, I'm never going to be able to afford anything of the Yeezy collection?!

Alive perspex court heels (Office)- a dupe of the Gianvito Rossi pumps that Miss Kim K always wears...

Pink appliqué triangle bra (River Island)- because this is too pretty!

This Works Deep Sleep+ Pillow spray (Beauty Bay)- I bought Ev this and he hasn't stopped raving about it plus Beauty Bay have a great deal on with the product.

Dr Lipp lip balm (Beauty Bay)- not only is my facial skin super inflamed at the moment, but my lips are dry and white- rave reviews have made we want this bad boy!

Vans Sk8-Hi (Size?)- Sunday brunch shoes...

Brooch detailed high waist belt (ASOS)- how pretty?!

Airtex stripe midi dress (Topshop)- Super flattering panelling (esp. for big hipped ladies like myself!), love the airtex material and the colour is very seductive looking.

Kusmi Jasmine tea (Amazon)- my favourite tea flavour ever.

Leopard Bikini (River Island)- Holiday prep + it's leopard! That's enough of an excuse

Saint Laurent Monogramme sac Universite (Net-a-porter)- hey a girl can dream right?! Plus isn't this the perfect size...