Sunday, 28 June 2015

Florals and Fun

To celebrate the end of the stage school year yesterday, here is a little outfit of the day I whipped up before my Dublin date with my sister Grace. We went to our favourite sushi restaurant in Dublin to celebrate- Musashi on Capel Street (get the Ebi Tempura Masago rolls!)- it was her treat...luck me eh?! and we then went to Brother Hubbard for cake and coffee and their takeout iced tea. I popped into Folkster and bought a lovely pair of Indian Rose coloured culottes that I can't wait to wear on holidays in August and added these pair of Air Max 90's from Size? to my collection. I live in trainers, and having worked in Size? for over six years, biasedly, I still think the shop does the best collection of trainers in Ireland.

I am wearing a Zara waistcoat that I got in the recent Summer sale (similar here and here) || these Binx jeans from Topshop- I usually buy Joni, however these have more of a relaxed feel but are still high waisted || Nike AM 90 in black croc, similar here and here || this crepe tank top that I also got in the sale || a Michael Kors watch that was a gift- similar here || a beautiful bunch of pink flowers that I received from one of my students and had to accessorise with...(so lucky!)

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday, x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Confessions of a not so normal 20 something year old...

I always thought when I was younger that I would be this go-getter, travelling all around the world, un-stoppable, flamboyant female. Un-restricted and ballsy. Daring, but charming. Instead, I am writing this from my parents house, where I still live, in the converted attic, with a cornish pasty for dinner, and about to watch an episode of PLL's on Netflix...on a Friday night!

I am a self proclaimed dry shite. And love nothing more then coming home from classes, putting on my pjs and sprawling in front of the TV. But I have had this irking voice in my head the last while that says, 'Yas, what the hell are you doing with your life?!'. I picture a trapped bohemian clad version of me tutting at my lack of excitement in my life.

Your 20's are supposed to be about learning and growing. Making mistakes and having fun. Meeting new people and not taking life too seriously. Well I do. I take life beyond seriously. Planning and deciphering ways to be prosperous with work- I am totally goal focused, and while my close friends and family say that one of my best qualities is being a high-achiever. I also think this quality has become a total hinderance. I have totally neglected my social life- going out very rarely, cutting nights short for the fear of not being fully energised for my next days work. I am a worrier. I'm never spur crazy. To sum me up- I am the total opposite of most 26 year olds that I know.

I don't know why I am like this. I'm not a total recluse- I do occasionally see friends, meet for brunch, go for dinner and make random plans but plainly, I love my own company. I like being alone. I read a lovely post by one of my favourite bloggers- Audrey Rogers from BeFrassy, who also spoke about her favourite company being her own, teaching herself how to carry the weights of the world on her own and learning how to enjoy it. She ended her post by asking her readers to 'find your own sacrosanct spots on this earth- and return to both with cyclical devotion'. Is my sacrosanct spot my bed linen and a glass of Pinot Grigio? God I hope not...

Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and endless insta moments have dictated what I, as a 26 year old should be doing at this moment in time. I now have this looming fear that I'm going to wake up one day when I am older and say why was I not more free? It's not a case of choosing my current actions. Doing me is all I know?! 

As my work load starts to free up a bit more around summer, I do admittedly start to see more people- I make plans, have holidays booked and generally tend to loosen up a bit, but I know right when the academic year starts back, I'm going to dart right back into hole of hibernation...unashamedly.