Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Pretty Pastels...

So the clocks went forward today which means brighter evenings and one step closer to Summer Time! I can't wait to ditch the fur and fleece (as fab as they are, coordinating outfits to look not only fashionable but practical in this horrible winter we have had has become a pain...) and I am looking forward to wearing less layers and brightening up my outfits...

In the midst of the mass chocolate feast that I am having, I thought I would do a quick spring top ten buys dedicated to all things Pretty and Pastel- and all high street too! I'm obsessed with the pink clutch by Trendabelle which was actually styled on this Australian fashion page called Sabo Skirt- They have a blog and an online fashion store with some adorable pieces, however none of the items could be polyvore'd- boo! So be sure to check it out...

I am also lusting after the sky blue fedora from Topshop- I have wanted a fedora for a really long time, and I think this may be the one! Whatever your plans are this Easter, I hope it's a great one. I am spending my time being lazy (trying to follow one of my new year goals...), catching up on recorded tv shows, and obviously eating copious amounts of chocolate...

Happy Easter to all my readers,

Yas x

Polyvore 'Happy Easter' set: 1. Flower Cami (Topshop)
2. Preppy Chambray Blazer- this actual comes in a full suit, perfect for an edgy masculine look (Topshop3. Pink Laser cut mini skirt (Fashion Union4. White shoulder lace blouse (Fashion Union5. Pink Clutch (Trendabelle6. Max Oxfords by Messeca (Nasty Gal7. Jewelled bib necklace (ASOS8. Lilac/Mint Trip out shades (Nasty Gal9. Essie spring nail polish in 'Avenue Maintain' (ASOS)    10. Sky blue fedora (Topshop)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Fierce Shoe Friday

We're off to see the wizard...

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is the Surrender bow platform in red by Topshop. I. AM. OBSESSED. Channelling my inner Dorothy, I would happily follow a yellow brick road with these bad boys on my feet. In red suede and with a towering platform, these are a great pair of shoes to kick of the Easter Weekend.

Happy Easter, Happy (Good) Friday and off course...Happy Shopping,

Yas x

Surrender platform (Topshop)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Dining in Dublin


I have not done a Dine in Dublin post in ages, and had actually been meaning to blog about one of my favourite Japanese restaurants- Yamamori. Yamamori is a chain of three restaurants each with their own speciality. I tend to go to Yamamori Noodles (location is suited to me better and I am obsessed with the lunch menu they do...), Yamamori Izakaya is across the road (more geared towards drinkers with its extensive choice on the bar and tapas style menu) and Yamomori Sushi (which I'll admit I have yet to try...). 

Yamamori Noodles is easily one of the best places to go for Japanese in Dublin. With a laid back buzzy atmosphere, the restaurant is always busy! There is a vast choice on the Sushi and Sashimi menu (my favourite is the Norimaki King Prawn with Avocado- pair it with a fiery wasabi and your good to go!), House Specials (Haddock Tempura anyone?!) and the Ramen menu (Grilled Tofu Ramen for when you feel run down...)! I also love the sides they have to offer, the Eda-mame beans and Yasai Tempura are one of my go to staples and the bf is particularly fond of the Beef Tataki.

However, I must say Yamamori's secret weapon are the Bento Boxes, especially the lunch time offer (ten euro!!!) which is absolutely great value for money. If you have never had a Bento Box before, it's a box (duh!) separated into little compartments of sushi, fish, a grilled meat and comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup. Literally a box of surprises. Pair with a glass of Brut and it makes a great ladies day out lunch after shopping in Grafton Street. I love trying little bits of everything and because I am so indecisive when it comes to limiting myself to one item on the menu- the Bento Box satisfies this!

Decent Japanese restaurants are rare to find in Dublin, there was once an awesome one in Castleknock but unfortunately with the downturn it closed. Yamamori is just as good, is reasonable enough and a great way to start an evening. Enjoy this gem!

Yamamori Noodles (Website) (FB Page)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patricks Day!

My mum is Irish and I have been living in Ireland the past nine years so it's safe to say I have a wee bit of Irish spirit in me and I am embracing Paddy's Day!!! I am spending my Sunday relaxing, drinking and eating (too much!) and enjoying the little things in life. What are/what were you up to???

Have a blessed and safe Sunday,

Yas x

Friday, 15 March 2013

Fierce Shoe Friday

Tickle me Pink...

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is Topshop's 'Kouple' two part buckle shoe in baby pink. Today has literally been the first day I have seen a ray of sun in ages (snow in March?!), and I am totally embracing it by wearing sunglasses (even though it's still freezing out!) and creating a spring shopping basket on the Topshop website. These are a must, pair with skinnies and an oversized shirt for now and a cute floral dress for our three day summer (lol!). 

I am loving the mix between leather and patent on the shoe and the detail on the buckle is too cute!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!
'Kouple' 2 part buckle shoe (Topshop)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My month in Instagram...


February was such an action packed month. I went to Madrid, added new classes to my school (I am a Performing Arts teacher) and also turned 24! I don't really enjoy birthdays, I feel that each year I get older, accomplishments that I have strived for have disappeared and because I am a high achiever, I tend to get this sickly feeling in my tummy around my birthday time...

However, this year I was surrounded by such beautiful family and friends, that they made it a little bit easier! So this post is a thank you to them for being so super supportive. Cheers to being 24!

Yas xoxo

1. Beautiful Birthday flowers gifted from a close friend. 2. Myself and the Bf people watching in Plaza Mayor, Madrid. 3. Chocolate Con Churros- HEAVEN @Chocolateria San Gines! 4. Daily cup of Jasmine tea. 5. OOTD 6. Soaking in the sun rays... 7. Moleskin green 2013 diary from Amazon- yes it was a month late, but better late being organised then never. 8. Epic Arsenal card and gold bracelet bday present. 9. Myself and the bf in the cinema themed lift at The Dormirdcine. 10. Healthy breakfast = Healthy body & mind. 11. OOTD 12. Sushi/Sashimi in Naomi Japones. 13. The bf doing the hard work whilst on a boat lol! 14. Footwear for Madrid- I literally spent an hour narrowing my choice down to these- Boots and flats by Topshop and studded heels by Zara. 15. OOTD- and one of my favourite looks to date, obsessed with the fur shawl. 16. AM 90 Infared for a workout. 17.OOTD. 18. Batman mural in our hotel room. 19. Lunch at The Donkey Shed. 20. Selfie. 21. Ladies who lunch with @aoifelavinkelly at Yamamori Noodles. 22. Selfie. 23. FOTD. 24. Funny time... 25. Starting my day right at The Dormirdcine.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dear Madrid, It was too short!

Vacay Time...

Madrid was awesome. Myself and the bf went for four nights during mid feb to get away from reality and too simply immerse ourselves in Spanish culture and expand our waistlines. And boy did we...

Our hotel turned out to be a steal. We had actually purchased a living social deal (we always buy the restaurant deals and found them to be great) for what worked out to be less then sixty euro a night including breakfast- absolute bargain! The hotel, Dormirdcine was so chic.  If your a film buff this hotel would be totally up your street. Upon entrance of the hotel, all staff are decked out in adorable pillar box red uniforms with box hats.  Each room has a movie theme, be it classics such as Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe or foreign themes such as Bollywood and an abundance of films on catalogue to watch. Each room is tastefully (not cheap looking at all...) decorated with hints of the theme. The bf chose Batman, which saw a funky mural above our head board and various Gotham inspired features in our room. I loved it.  Breakfast was large and varied and the location of the hotel was about twenty minutes from the city centre- Which actually suited us to the ground as we were able to dine in local places as oppose to tourist crazy ones.

Madrid is beautiful, with so much to do and see. Highlights of our trip were; (yes a lot of them are food related...hence why I am on a big health buzz right now lol!) Mercardo de San Miguel- go there starving and you will literally feel like your in heaven when you enter, Plaza Mayor- for obligatory people watching whilst drinking over priced coffees, Chocolateria San Gines- the best chocolate con churros I have ever had, Palacio de Cristal- a park to escape the city buzz and rent a boat, Naomi Japones- this Japanese gem is well hidden and has some of the best sushi/sashimi Madrid has to offer and Puerta del Sol- one word: Zara!

Madrid is crying out for tourists with the recent financial crisis it's having so I say you could easily pick up a great deal with a hotel. Transport is simple to use and costs around three euro for a single journey (but we bought a bulk buy at a discounted price) and it's important to note that the Spaniards appreciate when an effort is made to speak Spanish...

Want to know more...Check out my trip to Madrid through my Instas @yasminaaniss

Yas xoxo