Thursday, 27 September 2012

Men's wear A/W

A Male's wardrobe

So my bf posted up a tweet recently stating his a/w predictions;
'Jade, monochrome, baroque, leather, velvet. A/W 2012 #Freshtodeath'

So using the tweet, I created a must have list that if my credit card was limitless, this would be his must have winter wardrobe. I don't see myself as a particular expert in men's wear and just know what I like to see on guys! I am quite lucky because the boyfriend likes fashion too, doesn't mind spending a day in the shops (in fact I think he likes it more than me...) and takes pride in what he wears! You will never see him in a football jersey or not colour co-ordinated. 

I like a lot of dark colours on males, with a pop of colour in an accessory or a play with textures.  Leather, tweed and wool are not only functional but work well with each other. I have a big issue with the way (many) males in Ireland dress. They don't dress for themselves, the shape of their own body or their lifestyle. They dress the way every other male dresses, lacking in individuality.  Though having moved over here nine years ago, I am seeing a slow progression, especially in Dublin, where males are taking pride in their appearance and their own style. Which I think is totally refreshing!

Black shark jaw tee (Givenchy), Grey textured double breasted suit (Topman), Tobacco and Vanilla fragrance (Tom Ford), Round lense readers (Topman), Rottweiler print Ipad case (Givenchy), Green Ice wash oxford short sleeve shirt (Topman), Air Jordan 3- BHM (Jordan), Skirt front trousers (Givenchy), Owl handle walking umbrella (Burberry),  Dark brown slim chino belt (Topman), TMD Charcoal wool fur coat (Topman), Nightshade blue stretch skinny jeans (Topman), Jade green flannel shirt (Topman), Mermaid oversized cashmere wrap (Givenchy), Black turn up beanie (Topman), Lexington chronograph watch (Michael Kors), Air Max 1 (Nike), leather bag (Givenchy), Arthur Mix brogue (Topman)

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