Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dressing for your size...

'Fashion is Architecture: it is a matter of proportions' (Coco Chanel)...

I'm all for female empowerment and liberation to wear what we want, when we want. Women have campaigned for years for gender equality and the right to be treated fairly in the workplace and not just a pin up with lumps and bumps. But seriously ladies, sometimes we need to take a look in the mirror for just a tad second longer and agree with that inner subconscious thought of 'that just ain't right on you!'. 

I believe that because we come in all shapes and sizes means that we have to dress ourselves as individuals and not because it looked amazing on Miss Kardashian or that it has been sold out in Topshop for the last month!

Take the trendy AA disco trousers for example. I lust over these every time my sister wears them for a night out. She pairs them with a crop top and JC Lita's (think tall 6ft leggy something....b****!). And I go to myself, well I could lose a little here and there and then they would look fine, but in reality, my legs are too short and my bum is too big to wear them. In fact, when I tried them on in the shop (having literally starved myself that morning to get into them) I had a wee heart attack. My bum turned into this monstrosity of a black blur. The whole mirror was taken over with shiny black material. They suck you in all right, but literally manoeuvred my derrière into places I didn't know existed. I have come to the conclusion that I will never wear a pair.

So ladies be aware of your size. Are you pear shaped? Then find pieces that nip into the waist and build on top to create a more hour glass appeal with lapels, shoulder pads or costume jewellery. Are you top heavy? Generally, you have fantastic legs, so highlight these instead of emphasizing your tatas and stay away from stringed tops! Athletic builds should show of what women envy the most, arms and no muffin tops, so should wear anything from a feminine chiffon dress to soften the shape or a skinny jean that gives definition. 

The amount of times I'm on a night out, and each women wears the same repetitive mini dress. Live a little. Try new styles. They might not work out but at least you tried. 

And for the sake of our dignities, bum cheeks poking from underneath our dresses on our 4am Charlie's feast is never a good look...

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