Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dining in Dublin...


For myself and the bf's sixth year celebration together we decided to try out Picaderos in Maynooth, Co Kildare. So I know my post is titled Dining in Dublin, but Maynooth is only about a ten minute drive from the outskirts of Dublin and this Argentinian/Spanish restaurant is well worth the trip!

Picaderos was brilliant. We opted for the tapas menu (but there is also an a la carte and a specialised Mexican menu should you wish....note that restaurants with a dozen menus never tend to be great but don't be put of...), because we love trying everything as oppose to being stuck with the one meal. In fact that sums up most of my dining decisions, I often choose several starters so I can try everything. Some may call that sheer greediness.

We went for seven tapas choices, the typical Bravas, sardines (amazing...), mussels, olive tepenade with a bread selection, croquettes, breaded goats cheese and chicken skewers on bruschetta. I had a glass of proseco (a wee bit flat but that often happens with a bottle that may have been hanging by the bar) and the bf had a soft drink. The whole meal came to under fifty euro, which was very reasonable for a meal that was so filling, meant that we couldn't even try the dessert menu (I spied churros on the menu but my leather pants were fit to burst...).

The sardines, olive tapenade, croquettes and mussels are highly recommended. Tasty, fresh, and all complemented each other really well. The sardines actually reminded me of family holidays in Morocco where on the coastal roads you could stop of and buy the most delicious sardines that were only just caught and fried there and then! Nostalgic yumminess!

We are definitely returning back to try out the other tapas choices that we had to forgo on.  Have you tried out Picaderos ? What are your recommendations?

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