Monday, 5 November 2012

Glamming your Gadgets!

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I'm now the proud owner of an iPad. I have only had it a few days and already can't understand how I lived before without one! With literally a swipe and a touch, even the most minuscule problem is solved. 

My issue now is finding a cover that is also practical but stylish. I simply can't have one of those boring black covers on it. However, it is a necessity that it is well protected. You see, I'm not quite lucky when it comes to technology. I go through a phone at least once a year (which is probably why I have yet to invest in an iPhone) and my current one only allows me to make phone calls only on loudspeaker for some reason, so the whole world can hear my life! And last year I had an unpleasant scenario where on my way home from college, I popped my laptop on the roof of the car as I was putting my bags in, forgot to take it down and drove a mile with it on the roof for it to then be thrown across the other side of the road. RIP aqua blue Sony vaio....

So I'm sure you will agree that getting a cover on this bad boy is a must. And this is what has inspired my new post- 'Glamming you Gadgets'. Never compromise, there are dozens of stylish covers and protectors for your gadgets. Have fun shopping!

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