Sunday, 25 November 2012

Happy Hair!


My hair has gone through some amount of trials and tribulations. I am a brunette naturally.
My first real hair experimentation was when I bought one of these DIY highlight your own hair packs, it came with a brush in and I ended up with the most grotesque patchy highlights. Really scary. Myself and a friend immediately dyed my hair a plum red ( it was the only colour she had hanging around the house...anything would do) thinking this would solve the problem. Boy did it not. My third year in school resulted in my hair being tied up in a top knot because it was just far too awful to have down!(and by the way top knots were not really fashionable then...ugh!)

My bf's father and sister are both hairdressers. Cue mad colour experimentation. I modelled for them in these hair shows where un-symmetrical cuts, blue hair and up-do's that are five feet tall are the norm! I think between these shows my hair has been dyed orange, purple, red and bleached to name a few. So it's safe to say I have not seen my natural hair colour for a while. Hairdressers rarely get the opportunity to be as creative as they would like with their clients, the regular highlights, graduated bob and platinum blonde look are actually boring for them. So for a few years the family in-laws have run riot over my precious locks.

I finally regained control in the last year (I must sound so selfish seen as I get my hair done for nothing....woops) and asked for just a 'boring' all over brown. It was achieved through gritted teeth! I joke I joke....through love! And just recently the bf's sister (she colours, the dad cuts my locks) has began to create an ombré look on my hair which I'm obsessed with. Apparently, the actual term is marbelling, a technique that most trained hairdressers should know. It's probably my most favourite look to date. And I know I am late jumping on the bandwagon of the whole dip dye hair colour, but going a dark blonde on the tips of my hair is a big deal for me!

I was recently gifted with the Nioxin hair system kit that is supposed to improve thinning hair. It's a three part programme and I am keen to try anything to get a bit of regrowth on my not so pretty areas! Review up soon...

With extra time devoted to conditioning, lots of Moroccan oil and avoiding using heat tools daily, below is a pic of how my hair is fairing at present. I haven't gone over the top with the blonde....yet! It's a working progress! Have you had any hair disasters? When have you been most happiest with you hair?

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