Monday, 31 December 2012

Reflections on 2012

It's a stereotypical statement to make about my year being the most eventful yet. But it really has. 2012 has seen many major life events, that usually happen over a number of years, happen in the one.

My proudest achievements this year are graduating from college with a first class honours degree. Going to University after I graduated from dance college three years ago was a backup plan, but one I'm ever so grateful for pursuing. Most importantly because I made a small circle of lifelong friends. I'm not really an assertive person when it comes to social circles. In fact, in public I can come across as quite stuck up. It's a facade I have learnt to put up because of previous lessons. So making connections with a small group of friends is something I cherish.

My second achievement is starting my own stage school and productions business. When someone tells you starting a business is hard, you never really understand till you try for yourself. It is possibly the most difficult task I have ever undertook. Countless nights over the past few months have seen me pacing my room trying to find ways of being successful. I'm a high achiever and very determined but the biggest difficulty I have faced is separating work life from private life. Being self employed is consuming. While I want my business to succeed and expand, I believe the key to a successful business is coming to it each day happy. I'm working on this.

I'm naturally materialistic. I like the finer things in life and believe that if you work your socks off, treating yourself is well deserved. I also like to lead a fast paced life, maybe because I'm from London and I enjoy that city buzz. I am not one to dilly dally around life. But with some recent events that have happened, the desire to live this lavish lifestyle has dwindled. My goal this year ( I don't like resolutions) is too enjoy life a bit more. Is it really necessary for me to work that extra day just to get that new coat?! I take life way too seriously and these recent events have just snapped me right back to reality. To appreciate the smaller things in life...

Thank-you to all the subscribers to leopardandbrut. I have really enjoyed writing posts...I just wish I could do it more often...

Happy New Year,

Yas x

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