Sunday, 10 February 2013

My month in Instagram...


I am a little bit obsessed with Instagram. I am no photographer but love the various filters and effects you can add to what would be such a mundane photo. I love the needless photos of what people are having for lunch, or what colour their nail varnish is for the week, 'selfies' or changing room outfits! It's become a daily routine of mine to insta my entire life and to hash tag away...

So, a new post I have decided to do...I like themes, is too post every month some of my favourite Instagram pics from the previous month. Of things I have done, like or ate (lol!) and links. Are you on Instagram? If so, you can find me @yasminaaniss.

Hope you all have a fab weekend,

Yas x

1. Cute photo frame my mum gave me of me and bf. 2. Selfie. 3. ASOS package- these make my mornings easier. 4. We have had the most drab weather in ages- these fleece lined socks do the trick. 5. A really cute present from an Intern that I worked with (I love Jasmine tea). 6. Major scores from the Zara sale. 7. Painted nails Topshop 'Powder'- @COCOBELLA92 does my nails- she is amazing! 8. Selfie- obsessed with this faux fur shawl. 9. A 'foodgram'- Duck and sweet cous-cous. 10. Dinner and Drinks with friends @ Against the Grain- cool spot for non-mainstream tipple. 11. New sweatpants and blazers from ASOS - I teach dance so like to be comfortable but fashionable lol! 12. Obsessed with this green juice by Nestle. 13. HRH Collection Rose L'or bracelet and Micheal Kors watch- my daily go-to combo.  14. Selfie. 15. Jasmine tea- I swear by the stuff... 16. My beloved air max 1's in all red colour-way

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