Monday, 25 March 2013

Dining in Dublin


I have not done a Dine in Dublin post in ages, and had actually been meaning to blog about one of my favourite Japanese restaurants- Yamamori. Yamamori is a chain of three restaurants each with their own speciality. I tend to go to Yamamori Noodles (location is suited to me better and I am obsessed with the lunch menu they do...), Yamamori Izakaya is across the road (more geared towards drinkers with its extensive choice on the bar and tapas style menu) and Yamomori Sushi (which I'll admit I have yet to try...). 

Yamamori Noodles is easily one of the best places to go for Japanese in Dublin. With a laid back buzzy atmosphere, the restaurant is always busy! There is a vast choice on the Sushi and Sashimi menu (my favourite is the Norimaki King Prawn with Avocado- pair it with a fiery wasabi and your good to go!), House Specials (Haddock Tempura anyone?!) and the Ramen menu (Grilled Tofu Ramen for when you feel run down...)! I also love the sides they have to offer, the Eda-mame beans and Yasai Tempura are one of my go to staples and the bf is particularly fond of the Beef Tataki.

However, I must say Yamamori's secret weapon are the Bento Boxes, especially the lunch time offer (ten euro!!!) which is absolutely great value for money. If you have never had a Bento Box before, it's a box (duh!) separated into little compartments of sushi, fish, a grilled meat and comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup. Literally a box of surprises. Pair with a glass of Brut and it makes a great ladies day out lunch after shopping in Grafton Street. I love trying little bits of everything and because I am so indecisive when it comes to limiting myself to one item on the menu- the Bento Box satisfies this!

Decent Japanese restaurants are rare to find in Dublin, there was once an awesome one in Castleknock but unfortunately with the downturn it closed. Yamamori is just as good, is reasonable enough and a great way to start an evening. Enjoy this gem!

Yamamori Noodles (Website) (FB Page)

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