Saturday, 18 May 2013

My month in Instagram...


Ok...this is a late one, sorry! Snappy Happy!

Yas x

1. I am on the biggest health buzz right now- thinking about Summer body and what I want to look like, I always have a packed homemade lunch. 2. Rocking my OTC zippy- a present from my bf. 3. My two sisters- Grace and Sorcha. 4. Obsessed with these Fierce Shoe Friday feature by Senso. 5. Lol!I clearly hate working out! 6. Life's little joys. 7. Jamie Oliver's with the family. 8. Selfie rocking my new pants from Zara. 9. I love skull details. 10. I make a mean lunch. 11. Has anyone tried on a pair of Nike frees- they are the comfiest trainers I have ever worn. 12. Beastmode time... 13. Selfie. 14. Beyonce inspiration! 15. Obligatory Starbucks snap. 16. Myself and my other sister, Layla.

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