Saturday, 12 July 2014

'All sorrows are less with bread' Amen!

A Saturday well spent brings a week of content (well I know this is said for a Sunday...but I had such a good day today that it's put me in such a positive mood!)

Yey to not working on Saturdays! A very rare opportunity for me!!

We visited The Fumbally- a Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern chilled out vibe eatery. I got the mixed salad plate with falafel (which was HUGE!!!)- think mixed beans, roasted butternut squash, walnut, leafy greens and humous! Yummy! And Ev got the pulled pork sandwich. Espressos and desserts and drinks added in and the bill came to just under 30 euros. And I'm still full as I'm writing this...

We will be back- because I loved the food so much! Bit noisy at times (is that me getting too old?!) but the really laid back atmosphere means I know I could pop in here anytime with sans a face full of slap! #winning

A day spent in the city centre isn't complete without a trip to the flower stalls on Grafton Street. Sunflowers always make me smile...Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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