Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Summer Mantra

I am very lucky that I'm on my second holiday this summer! With my profession, summer is a quiet time of year- I chose to do camps for the month of July and give myself a whole month off during August. I find it quite hard to sit and do nothing but that was my goal this Summer, to switch off! I do the occasional bit of work here and there (my fingers get twitchy lol!) but other than that, I have spent the last month breathing, eating and sleeping!

Personally, I think back in Ireland, we all work and stress too much and not live enough! People begrudge when you have that much time off during the summer- with the 'it's well for some' attitude being used. People have even said that my job isn't a real one as I don't necessarily work a 9-5. I said it before and I'll say it again, find a profession that you love, not necessarily what pays well (though I'm not ignorant to personal circumstances...) and you won't feel like you have worked a day in your life. Don't work to live, but live to work! 

With only a week between Morocco and Portugal, I got the opportunity to catch up with friends and venture around Dublin.

Myself and Ev went back to Portugal this Summer- only because it's soooo cheap, we already know it and it has guaranteed sun all day!

We eat fish every day, squeeze oranges for breakfast every morning and go on walks/runs as much as possible!

Pure Bliss! I'm about half way through my  stay here in Porches, Portugal...and I couldn't be more revitalised! I'm also super excited to start the new business year in Sept...

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