Sunday, 8 November 2015

Wedding Bells

No...I'm not engaged lol! Just a wee post on a (very!) short weekend away for my cousin Sabrina's nuptials to Mohammed in Morocco...I had the pleasure of celebrating Sabrina's & Mohammed's marriage at the start of October in Casablanca. 

(The bride & groom; Sabrina and Mohammed)

Weddings in Morocco are an experience...! A totally lavish affair, with plenty of food, music and costume changes! Yep- I did say costume changes! The bride wore 4 dresses that night!

Sabrina and Mohammed are both muslim, and in Morocco, alcohol is generally not served at weddings- so this isn't your typical wedding you might find in Ireland- but truth be told, I have always had more fun at a Moroccan wedding then an Irish one, primarily because of the lack of alcohol I think... (gaspppp!). Reception usually commences late in the evening, and the several course meal starts around 11.30pm- there is always a live band, several entertainers and the bride and groom arrive raised in the air on ornate chairs. The experience is un-real...I have posted a few photos below that feature my family (how stunning are my younger sisters?!)

(My three sisters and I and our male cousins; Omar, Amine and Mouad)

(Bride (Dress number 3!) & Groom)

(Sabrina arriving on a raised chair!)

(Dress number 4!)

(Me and my sisters with my Dad!)

Short but sweet, but such a fantastic night- I wish Sabrina and Mohammed a lifetime of happiness together!

On another note, I wore a Kaftan inspired dress (that had cute pastel horses over it!) by Lost Ink. 

They are a brand that feature on ASOS and actually found them through one of my favourite blogger/social media influencers- Lydia Elise Millen. She wore the dress for a wedding, featured it on her snapchat and I couldn't believe me eyes when I seen the price tag- utter bargain for a dress I know I can wear again at home! You can find the exact dress here (click the link)! 

Happy Shopping and hope everyone ha x


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