Friday, 1 January 2016

Vision Board 2016

Firstly...A very happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed some time off with people close to you! My Christmas was a bit short this year as I worked right up to it, and have had a few random days of here and there due to gigs despite it being the school holidays (I teach!)...but I am not complaining- it's work and I'm grateful for it...

Ev suggested a few days ago about doing up our own vision board for 2016- the board itself having a total 'better me' focus. We both discussed things we weren't happy with about ourselves, things we think we could improve on and also about each other. Self-evaluation and of others is healthy. It's not negative. Some people mistake it for being harsh, but evaluating yourself to better yourself is being honest with yourself.

So, we took a trip to Blanchardstown shopping centre and bought little bits and bobs to create our board- magazines to cut out images, cute drawing pins, coloured card and two large cork boards. It cost all in all under €25 and we have so much craft stuff left over so I am sure it could be done for way cheaper if your on a tight budget! And last night on NYE (accompanied with a heavenly glass of red wine and a mid way feast of an antipasti board!) we got creating....

Some goals are easily attainable, some not so much and will require a huge amount of hardwork. I debated putting things down that are only dreams...but dreams are healthy! Some goals were personal-  a reflection of things I have done wrong or traits about myself that I don't like and some were to better other peoples interaction with me!

There are loads of ideas on Pinterest about vision boards...some that I researched are all colour co-ordinated and have a serious amount of detail...each to their own. The board in now sitting bang on my desk. I have no choice but to see it every day. Resolutions can be made, but if they sit in the brain, they can easily be pushed aside and you lose focus...or so they do with me!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend- tomorrow is my last day off before I am back into work mode and I am spending it with my mum in Kildare village. Yey!

Happy Friday, xxx

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