Thursday, 22 September 2016

5 things we waste our money on...

Ok- so it's quite apparent since my last post and my current Mortgage Diaries coverage on Twitter (follow me @ yasmina aniss) that I'm quite budget focused at the moment. Hey healthy obsession right?! And well I was looking at how fricken empty my purse was yet all I seem to be doing is working! It's the little things that eat away all your hard earned dosh and here are mine:

1. Food shopping. Ok I know we have to eat to survive. I always buy treats when I feel like I deserve it- and I could persuade myself that I deserve treats daily- lol! Everyone impulse buys and the amount of wastage that's committed is frankly quite disgusting. I try to make myself feel better by being an avid compost engager, but who are we kidding. We always put too much in our basket. We always order too much at the table, and most of us (go away health freaks!) definitely over consume in calories daily. It should be all about food prep and negotiating and getting rid of that idea that we deserve to fill the trolley up with 1/5 of treats (crisps, popcorn, biscuits, chocolate, wine, beer etc!) especially if we have had a bad day. We all do it and it's just emptying out pockets...most lunches cost around the seven euro mark (sambo/crisps/drink) and if you spend that 5 days a week and 48 weeks of the year- your looking at least €1600. The last time I checked that's a Celine phantom?!

2. Bottled water. It's only when I am emptying my car, that I do a head tilt, total up in my head what I have spent on water bottles that month and go...crap! I have even bought re-usable bottles in the past- BPA free of course! But I have lost lids, they have shattered, I didn't bother buying a new filter...blah blah blah. I might let's say buy three bottles a week- 1 litre ones, I also (naughtily!) maybe use the same bottle for a day or two. Most bottles are around the €1.50 mark, thats €4.50 a week and a whopper €234 a year, which ok...isn't huge. But over a year, it could be  3 Aveo water bottle (reviews of this non-leaking bottle are brilliant!) and over two hundread squid to spend on a facial or two.

3. Pennys. I think writing this means that any chance of ever having a collab with Primark/Pennys will indefinitely be thrown out the window lol- but seriously! What's with the Pennys effect? You pop in to get ankle socks and you can come out with another set of fleecy pjs, boob tape, make-up remover and a new make-up bag.  Sure it's only a few euro right?! I love the shop for seriously providing value for money products, but it's never good going. Same can be said for my Aldi/Lidl shop- new containers, himalayan salt and a spice blender have graced my basket recently. Lesson learned- leave the visa debit at home and only bring the cash that you ACTUALLY need.

4. Coffees. I love caffeine and I am actually quite good in that I may only ever have one coffee a day. I generally drink a lot of green tea (I bulk bought this fantastic bundle deal from Amazon here). Two cups in the morning and one in the evening. But coffee tends to be bought out and is usually consumed when I have a big drive to classes across the country. Coffee prices keep creeping up...and while I have my favourite places to have a sip of a brew and people watch on a Sunday (Kaph, Slice and 3FE are my favourite places in Dublin!), most of the coffee I buy in petrol stations is absolute mush, yet I still drink it all while my euro's are disappearing! Four take-away coffees a week in petrol stations (that being the cheapest place to get a coffee- I still see so many places charging over three euro for a cap!) is over four hundred euro a year- which is a pair of these Gucci Princetown leather slippers that I have been eyeing up for ages.

5. Subscriptions. Netflix. Amazon Prime, Look fantastic beauty box. Spotify. Glamour magazine. All really un-necessary expenditures but so necessary at the same time. Every little subscription adds up and when you see whats debiting out of the account every's scary stuff. When I did my accounts this year- I think I totalled it up to night in the Marker (this hotel is my fave place to stay in Dublin) and a very very fancy meal...Boo you debit card! I'm down to just my Netflix (can I just leave this at NARCOS?!) and have phased out my beauty subscription. Real Adult stuff going on here. Tear drops.

What do you waste your dollar dollar bills on? 

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