Friday, 14 September 2012

Fierce Shoe Friday

To Chelsea...

It's a tradition for me that each Friday I post a hot piece of footwear on the various social media sites that I use. Be it a 5 inch 'wall piece only' pair, everyday flats or a dope pair of sneakers, I love footwear.

I think it stems for an old job I had working for a shoe shop, where it's my natural instinct to now look at someone's footwear before the rest of their outfit. I said this once to a group of friends over a chat about guys...'if he can look after his shoes, he can look after you'...and superficially (yes, I am quite materialistic I'll admit) this sums my attitude up.

Your footwear is so important, we spend so much time on our feet, we might as well do it in style!

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is a classic pair of Chelsea boots from Topshop, in staple black. They are a perfect transition from late summer to A/W and equally look great with skater skirts or skinny jeans.

April Classic Chelsea Boot (Topshop)

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