Friday, 12 October 2012

Fierce Shoe Friday

Miaow Miaow...

Today's Fierce Shoe Friday is the 'wild cat loafer'. A loafer covered in a faux pony hair leopard print and an adorable cat face stitched into it...what's not to love??? I'm obviously partial to a bit of leopard print (I lie..I lie..all over please) but these loafers are perfect for a Sunday brunch or running errands.  They will quirk up any outfit, and ok, I understand that they are not exactly practical for the blessed Irish weather of rain. But that's what taxis were made for!  
I know it's my second week in a row of a shoe from , but I always seem to enjoy the new lines they have in every week. They are trendy, quirky and really reasonably priced. Happy Shopping!

Wild Cat Loafer-

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