Monday, 4 March 2013

Dear Madrid, It was too short!

Vacay Time...

Madrid was awesome. Myself and the bf went for four nights during mid feb to get away from reality and too simply immerse ourselves in Spanish culture and expand our waistlines. And boy did we...

Our hotel turned out to be a steal. We had actually purchased a living social deal (we always buy the restaurant deals and found them to be great) for what worked out to be less then sixty euro a night including breakfast- absolute bargain! The hotel, Dormirdcine was so chic.  If your a film buff this hotel would be totally up your street. Upon entrance of the hotel, all staff are decked out in adorable pillar box red uniforms with box hats.  Each room has a movie theme, be it classics such as Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe or foreign themes such as Bollywood and an abundance of films on catalogue to watch. Each room is tastefully (not cheap looking at all...) decorated with hints of the theme. The bf chose Batman, which saw a funky mural above our head board and various Gotham inspired features in our room. I loved it.  Breakfast was large and varied and the location of the hotel was about twenty minutes from the city centre- Which actually suited us to the ground as we were able to dine in local places as oppose to tourist crazy ones.

Madrid is beautiful, with so much to do and see. Highlights of our trip were; (yes a lot of them are food related...hence why I am on a big health buzz right now lol!) Mercardo de San Miguel- go there starving and you will literally feel like your in heaven when you enter, Plaza Mayor- for obligatory people watching whilst drinking over priced coffees, Chocolateria San Gines- the best chocolate con churros I have ever had, Palacio de Cristal- a park to escape the city buzz and rent a boat, Naomi Japones- this Japanese gem is well hidden and has some of the best sushi/sashimi Madrid has to offer and Puerta del Sol- one word: Zara!

Madrid is crying out for tourists with the recent financial crisis it's having so I say you could easily pick up a great deal with a hotel. Transport is simple to use and costs around three euro for a single journey (but we bought a bulk buy at a discounted price) and it's important to note that the Spaniards appreciate when an effort is made to speak Spanish...

Want to know more...Check out my trip to Madrid through my Instas @yasminaaniss

Yas xoxo

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