Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My month in Instagram...


February was such an action packed month. I went to Madrid, added new classes to my school (I am a Performing Arts teacher) and also turned 24! I don't really enjoy birthdays, I feel that each year I get older, accomplishments that I have strived for have disappeared and because I am a high achiever, I tend to get this sickly feeling in my tummy around my birthday time...

However, this year I was surrounded by such beautiful family and friends, that they made it a little bit easier! So this post is a thank you to them for being so super supportive. Cheers to being 24!

Yas xoxo

1. Beautiful Birthday flowers gifted from a close friend. 2. Myself and the Bf people watching in Plaza Mayor, Madrid. 3. Chocolate Con Churros- HEAVEN @Chocolateria San Gines! 4. Daily cup of Jasmine tea. 5. OOTD 6. Soaking in the sun rays... 7. Moleskin green 2013 diary from Amazon- yes it was a month late, but better late being organised then never. 8. Epic Arsenal card and gold bracelet bday present. 9. Myself and the bf in the cinema themed lift at The Dormirdcine. 10. Healthy breakfast = Healthy body & mind. 11. OOTD 12. Sushi/Sashimi in Naomi Japones. 13. The bf doing the hard work whilst on a boat lol! 14. Footwear for Madrid- I literally spent an hour narrowing my choice down to these- Boots and flats by Topshop and studded heels by Zara. 15. OOTD- and one of my favourite looks to date, obsessed with the fur shawl. 16. AM 90 Infared for a workout. 17.OOTD. 18. Batman mural in our hotel room. 19. Lunch at The Donkey Shed. 20. Selfie. 21. Ladies who lunch with @aoifelavinkelly at Yamamori Noodles. 22. Selfie. 23. FOTD. 24. Funny time... 25. Starting my day right at The Dormirdcine.

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