Monday, 12 August 2013

Dear Diary and mid year reflections...

Wow! I really have been MIA for the last while. I have been preoccupied with the dilemmas life tends to throw at you in one go. Why does that always happen?! Since I have last blogged, I have closed up my school for the holidays, wrapped all my work showcases, went to Morocco for a family holiday, got braces, started summer camps, began preparation to expand my business, kick started my butt into a health regime and began packing for Portugal with my bf. PHEWWWY!

I am not complaining though, I am utterly blessed to have the opportunities that I have. This time last year I was just about to graduate and the amount I have grown since then is huge...slowly but surely I am becoming more positive and my self esteem has boosted loads. I was an absolute nervous wreck last year! I am really happy with my progress in work. Most of the graduates in my year have really been unable to do anything degree related and I am so grateful I had my dance to fall back on. Usually you fall back on something you studied academically- but in my case it's very much the opposite. Weird! It's something I utterly enjoy doing...and most of the time never feels like work. Personally, I am reaching bigger and more difficult goals of being more sociable, more positive and calmer in my day to day life. Whether this is being achieved through the fact that I am nearly a quarter of a century old (I refuse point blank to say that number!!!) and I am maturing or the changes I have subconsciously made are now paving away into a more positive me, I couldn't be happier. I still have bad days though, and because I am taking a bigger gamble by opening up a new stage school, I am fully aware that there are going to be really dark dark days. But isn't life about taking chances and making the most of each and every moment.

My holiday booked with Ev for next week was utterly spontaneous, the old me would have been like no way am I going away, I can't afford it, I have too much to do at home, we haven't planned anything etc...but I am trying to live life a lot more freely and with less expectations.  I recently came back in contact with an old friend from London, we had lost contact for years but getting back in touch with her was great. Reading her stories of what she has been up to the past few years has been fascinating and I totally recommend it to anyone who may have lost contact and wants to rekindle a friendship. It takes an awful amount of balls to be the first person to make the move but it can be so rewarding. 

Oh god, this post is a very long diary entry and a very philosophical one, lol!...I have literally typed away with what ever has come to my head. I am off now to workout, though I really don't want too! I am so sore everywhere from my weights training yesterday and the thoughts of going on a jog and doing core work is making me utterly nauseous- anyone who says exercise releases happy endorphin's needs a smack to the head. I hate it!! But the rewards I am getting from it both physically and mentally is the only thing that is motivating me right now lol!

Have a fantastic week everyone,

Yas x

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