Friday, 16 August 2013

Fierce Shoe Friday

Coming back with a bang...

Obviously there hasn't been a Fierce Shoe Friday post in a really really long time, so I thought these bad boys were the perfect way to restart FSF with a bang. Today's Fierce Shoe Friday post is Zara's Leather Ankle Strap Boot. I am utterly obsessed. My sister recently purchased them, but as they fit too small, and she has as of yet been unable to exchange them for a bigger size (sold out everywhere...) I am hoping these bad boys will grace my footwear shelf. Fingers and toes crossed!

Zara has labelled them as 'back soon' on their site- so register your interest with them as I am sure they will sell out instantly again. I (hopefully...) plan to pair them with tuxedo trousers I bought a while back or a pair of culottes. A copy of the much coveted ALAIA shoe- these are so perfectly seductive on the feet and at only 70 euros, do not come come with a weighed down price tag. 

Happy Friday x

Leather ankle strap boot (Zara)

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