Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bliss in the Algarve

After four weeks straight of working with kids, I needed a break. Our spontaneous trip was to Porches in the Algarve. It was amazing. All I did was eat, drink, tan, eat, drink, tan and did I mention eat, drink, tan? We chose a self catering accommodation and scored a cute quiet apartment with a pool and sea views which allowed us to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. No plans. And that's what we did...

Food is a big factor in both mine and Ev's day- we made daily trips to the fish and veg markets indulging in top quality food that is so hard/and expensive to get back home. I had fresh figs every morning and fish every day.  We ate like kings but at a fraction of what we would have spent back home. Gigantic tomatoes, sardines, prawns, avocados and these yummy Portuguese custard tarts were a staple to our daily diet. We ate incredibly healthy...but I guess I wiped that out with several white wine bottles lol! Hey I was on my holidays...

I would spend my mornings by the pool and my evenings looking at the sunset from out balcony. Took day trips inland, but generally just became absolute sloths. And sometimes you need to do that in life...As I am reaching my mid twenties, I'm finding the importance in enjoying the little things in life- and a cup of coffee with the bf watching the sunset is my idea of bliss!

I feel fully recharged and eager to start my new business and meet new people, I can't believe how only seven days (I have never gone on a summer holiday less than 2.5 weeks lol!) has left me so relaxed but raring to go.

Below are some of my favourite pics!(This post has actually given me a serious amount of holidays blues, as I'm writing this, it is currenty lashing outside...weh!) I really will miss you Portugal x

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