Thursday, 12 September 2013

Breakfast Ideas!

Rise and Grind...

This has been my motto for the last few weeks- I have made a conscious decision to look after my diet and health better. Don't get me wrong though- I still have days where I will have a hot date with Mr Ben and Jerry and devour a tub of chocolate fudge brownie all to myself or be a rebel and have two portions of spaghetti! What I have learned is that it's all about balance and moderation. 

I certainly don't believe in diets (unless you have an intolerance)- the likes of the Atkins or Paleo diets etc work for a period of time with regards to actual weight-loss- but we often crash and gorge and following these diets without the advice of a nutritionist can be harmful to the body long term. I am even skeptical with points based diets- they work for a period of time but long term goals should be about eating in moderation, not treating yourself to chocolate bar and having no points left to have dinner that night! Some of these diet programs (which I have read) also mention nothing about exercising at least three times a week. A healthy body is through both diet and exercise.

I am no nutritionist or personal trainer but have an understanding of whats right for me and what I need to do. I have a huge appetite. I wake up ravenous so my breakfast is always a decent meal (it's probably my favourite meal of the day..), and I always take half an hour out of my morning to make and enjoy something. Below are my top five breakfast meals...eggs tend to be a staple breakfast item for me and I have at least one cup of green tea every day- it flushes everything out of the system and my skin is very grateful for it;

Meal one:

One poached egg on one slice of wholegrain toast (small bit of butter), glass of juice, green tea and fromage frais with any seasonal fruit.

Meal two:

Breakfast Burritto ( wrap with two scrambled eggs, mushrooms, onions, tomato tofu mix/soy chorizo and avocado),green tea and an apple.

Meal Three:
Smoothie (makes two large glasses-glass of juice, one portion of fruit- I like to alternate depending whats fresh in the season, I am loving peaches and melon right now, banana, mixed frozen berries- which are full of anti-oxidants and chia seeds) and slice of wholegrain toast with peanut butter or honey, glass of green tea.

Meal Four:
Mixed berry oats cooked in semi-skimmed milk with honey, cup of green and glass of juice.

Meal Five: 

Pancakes( made with one egg, one cup of flour and one cup of milk)- I alternate my toppings with either banana/honey or mixed berries coulis or grilled pineapple with mint and rosemary, green tea and glass of juice.

What's your favourite healthu breakfast meals? Do you clean eat in the morning? Or do you skip breakfast? 

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