Friday, 8 August 2014

Casablanca Diaries 2

It's been a pleasant last few days in Casablanca. I have spent it by the beach, visiting relatives, shopping for fabric, looking at the remaining French architecture and eating copious amounts of food.

It's quite humid in Casa and a mild enough temperature with the weather being in the mid 20's. So totally bearable. Marrakech at the weekend is going to be a whole different story though...40+ degrees...eeek!

My wardrobe was insanely small this year- I only have about 6 outfits that I have played around with. Today's outfit was head to toe Zara with the culotte jumpsuit being an absolute steal I found in the recent sale. I have been dying to find the right pair of culottes for me- and this jumpsuit inspired pair was the best way to introduce this trend!


Jumpsuit (Zara s/s14), sandals (Zara s/s14), bag (Zara a/w13) and jewellery (HM and Pennys mix)

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