Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My health guide

I don't do rules. I don't do extreme detoxes. I don't do fad diets or point based plans. And I don't believe that one guide can suit a multitude of people. I do a balanced and healthy approach to every day life. I eat well (mostly...), exercise occasionally (working progress- I love to make excuses like 'I don't have the time lol!) and have made adjustments to my working life.

Here is my top ten guide to a better you; (that I have already started or trying to...)

1. Add lemon or apple cider vinegar to hot water first thing every morning. Lemon cleanses the digestive system and skin. Apple cider vinegar stimulates the cleansing of liver toxins (perfect for the day after your one too many....)

2. Stock up on seasonal fruit and freeze whatever isn't used. You can buy more than your five a day for a week for under €8 (a mcdonalds meal...) in Aldi/Lidl! I have stocked up on loads of mangoes and pineapple and cut into portions and stuck them in the freezer. When it's winter and I feel run down- these portions come in handy for a juice or smoothie. My nutribullet gets used daily. You would be surprised how easy it is to incorporate the bullet in every day life! 

3. Take 15 mins a day to do nothing. No TV. No phone. No book. Nothing! Just sit!  Go on...I dare ya!

4. Take a look at your dinner plate. How colourful is it? If it's looking a bit bland- you mustn't have enough veggies or fruit there! 

5. If your like me and have a hot date with Netflix every night- and 'short' on time to workout? Take 10 mins a day to do a few reps/circuit/2k jog! Instagram has some awesome quick circuit ideas that can be done at home. No excuses! 

6. Read more. But words on paper that is...put down that god damn phone!

7. People watch! Go for a coffee! Take a stroll! Try new restaurants. Buy flowers! Focus on life's little pleasures. These are mine! What are yours?

8. Prepare and plan your meals around fish and seasonal veg and fruit! Recommended intake of fish is twice a week! I eat more than that! Even the tinned stuff is good for you! Just go for sunflower oil and not brine!

9. I have now replaced olive oil in the pan (yes I do fry!) with coconut oil! 

10. Sweet tooth? I always have one! I have now satisfied this with some dried figs or dates. You only need one or two and the job is done. While they are high in natural sugars...dates and dried figs are rich in dietary fibre and vitamins.

What do you feel works for you for a healthy body and mind?

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