Sunday, 10 August 2014

Marrakech Diaries Part 1

Unfortunately, the wifi in the hotel we are in is pretty appalling! So apologies for the lack of social media infiltration from me lol!

(Rant warning- why the hell do hotels in this day and age not have decent wifi grrrr!)

Marrakech is hot!!! So hot that I have developed a wee bit of a heat! Anyone know how to solve this? We have a done a few things the last two days but the highlights would have to be the copious amounts of pool lounging, eating and hanging around Jaama El Fnaa. Dining out in Morocco is soooo cheap- yesterday for dinner we had traditional harrira (a soup) and Msemem (a savoury Moroccan pancake)- and for six of us, the bill came to €5!!! Some one will have to roll me of the plane...

Last nights #OOTD-

Necklace (HRH Collection), Waistcoat and Tank vest (HM), Shorts (Levi's) and Sandals (Topshop)

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