Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer Salad

Dad is in the midst of a middle life crisis which has resulted in a garden full of the most crisp greens. Organic obsessives, eat your heart out!

Tonight's dinner is a chili and garlic chicken served with roasted peaches and  basil, sautéed courgettes, a caprese salad and mixed leaf and beans and flatbread. Woah...that was a handful to write!

Marinated the chicken in cayenne pepper, fresh chillies, garlic and salt and pepper. 30 mins at 180 degrees (fan oven). Caprese salad is made up of mozerella, vine tomatoes (newbarn farm), basil and plenty of olive oil and salt and pepper. Peaches were roasted with basil in coconut oil and courgettes were also cooked in coconut oil. Flatbread cooked for 5 mins to crisp. Mixed salad was Swiss chard, spinach and rocket and green beans- washed and served as it is.

Dinner took me 30 mins to prepare and I used a mix of olive and coconut oil. No excuses. 

Salad isn't rabbit food after all...

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