Friday, 12 September 2014

Birmingham Bound!

On a night out during the summer (and after one too many drinks...) me and two old friends from college booked flights for a weekend away to go to Alton Towers! This was as spontaneous as I have ever been! A real #yolo moment lol! And yes, I did just say that! 

Trying to keep to a small budget, we rented a car (in future people don't get a 1.1 as going up the hills to the Theme park will be the most daunting driving experience ever!) and stayed in the Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham City Centre! The hotel itself was super clean, and sooo cheap! I thoroughly recommend it, even to do a bit of Christmas shopping during the Winter as it's so close to the Bull shopping centre! 

Alton Towers itself was great, you need to go on their newest ride- 'The Smiler'! I nearly had heart failure lol! My only gripe about the park is the cost of getting in and the fact that you have to buy fast passes to access the rides- if you don't, the queues are huge and you won't get to do them all! In fact- the price of Alton Towers was what my flight, hotel and car rental cost all together which really is a shame! We went out to the GAY district that night- drinks are super cheap and they had pumping tunes in the whole night! I'd love to go back even for a night out on Broad St- which is supposed to have some gems of a nightclub! Anyone ever been out in Birmingham? What did you think of it?

My outfit of the night-

Blazer, skirt, heels and bag (All Zara), Necklace (Xevana) and tee (Topshop)

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