Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to College

Starting College this month? Here are my top essentials for getting around campus...

Firstly, everyone needs a good rucksack! This isn't school- there is a serious amount of walking between campus. Plus, your never going to find a close enough parking spot so you need all the space for your afternoon lecture books....Grafea do a sick range of leather bags. I love this oversized wool coat by River Island and the fur collar is detachable. A DW watch to keep you on time for your don't want to walk in a 300 seater lecture late! *Mortifying* A rad looking notebook to 'pretend to take down notes but really doodle'. Chelsea boots to keep your toes warm, 9am lecturers (if you make it out of bed on time...) are sooo cold! iPad air- ', course I need one- I'm taking a class in social media management!'. A travel mug. Oh, you don't drink coffee do you? You will now! A Heisenberg one is just much cooler...And finally a decent pair of headphones- not only to get you pumpin for student night out but the Libary is a LOT louder then its supposed to be and well there will be a time when you have just 20 mins to come up with a 1000 words....

Back to College

Chelsea Ankle Boots- Topshop

iPad- Apple

Faux Fur Collar Baby Blue Jacket- River Island

Monochrome Leather Rucksack- Grafea

Daniel Wellington Classic Trinity lady- Campbell Jewellers

Heisenberg travel mug- Urban Outfitters

'Don't kill my vibes' Notebook- Urban Outfitters

Beats Studio Headphones- Apple

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