Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My beauty regime...or lack of it more like!

I didn't realise my lack of a beauty regime untill I was having a conversation with one of my good friends. She told me about her passion in going into the beauty section in department stores and trying out new creams, make-up and products that were reviewed by trusted and renowned YouTube bloggers. 

When I hit a store, I go straight for the fashion section. Instead, she spends her money on fancy face masks and foundation. And it made me question my own products that I own. Why did I buy them?

Most of the make-up I own, is purely because one of my sisters already bought it and I liked it. In fact, I have the exact foundation, mascara, lipsticks and eyeshadows purely based on what she bought and I then tried and tested! A bit cheeky of me eh?!

I'm not even persuaded by the marketing of a product- or the cute little bottle it might come in?! I just can't fathom to spend loads on a new product and end up not liking it! What a waste! Where with clothes-you can always return them if your not happy with them?!

My makeup routine is quite minimal (I teach six days a week so a shovel of makeup tends to slide right off...), my skin care routine is however reasonably high, but only because I have eczema. So think more non smelling creams and tubs full of aqueous cream! And well my hair routine is so utterly boring! I can't stand blow drying my hair ( I get in such a fluster...) and never seem satisfied with my hair colour or cut! It's just meh all the time!

Anyone else like me?

I'd love to hear what your ruts and recommendations are? Am I the only one that's lazy or do I need to get into a routine to get into the swing of things?

What works for you?

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