Tuesday, 18 August 2015


During my two weeks in Morocco this year, we took a short day trip to a once Portuguese ruled town called Azemmour, located exactly between Casablanca and El Jadida. Generally, holidays in Morocco are family based. Being half Moroccan, I spend a lot of time with my dads side of the family catching up and there isn't much time spent being a tourist- so this trip to this coastal town was especially refreshing.

We spent hours walking around the medina and kasbah- and because the town is a little of the beaten track, it's actually quite a sedate place to be. The Portuguese ruled this part of Morocco for some time and there is a fantastic mix of both countries architecture in the town.

There also seemed to be a huge amount of art work (urban + contemporary style) on the walls of the city which is rare to find in Morocco- I am not too sure if there was an art exhibition or if there was a group of artists who were practicing their trade for a few months, but it was such an added bonus for the day trip.

I am in the middle of doing up a Visit Morocco post and the do's and dont's as I seem to get a lot of questions asking me about Morocco- so that should be up soon!

I am off to China (Beijing) and Dubai this Sunday and sooo looking forward to visiting Asia and the Middle East for the very first time. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know?

Yas x

How stunning does my younger sister Grace look?

Outfits in Morocco for me are generally very understated and casual- I went for a (typical!) Monochrome look of black culottes from Pennys/Primark, my trusty Birkenstocks- yes they are jesus shoes (Amazon), a white tee from New Look and my beloved AW bag (NETAPORTER).

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