Thursday, 3 December 2015

L & B Gift Guide 2015: Gifts under €45 for Him and Her

Sometimes a lavish gift isn't feasible! Heck, I'm at that uncomfortable mid 20's age where I am supposed to be seeing more greens then red arrows in my e-banking and so splurging isn't a big factor in this years shopping! Below are gifts for him and her under €45 and in fact most of the gifts below are actually under €25! Winning! I debated about classifying them as stocking fillers...but they seem too good to be grouped with a clementine and chocolate coins and if I received one of these presents, i'd be absolutely delighted!

Happy E-shopping on this most miserable day!

L & B GIFT GUIDE 2015- Gifts for Him and Her Under €45

Mock Croc Bag (Zara) €29.95- how luscious is this bag. Mock croc and bottle green. Perfection.

Velvet bow tie (Zara) €17.95- jazz up your white shirt!

Wide brim felt hat (Zara) €29.95- because men in hats are yum!

Kusmi Tea Wellness box (Brown Thomas) €26- perfect way to find a new favourite blend.

Almond Petit Gift (L'Occitane) €24- the smell is simply divine and make the perfect travel/handbag companion.

4 pack emoji briefs (Brown Thomas) €40- because who can't cope without an emoji in their life!

Calvin Klein 3 pack trunks (Brown Thomas) €46- bieber fever!

Adele- '25' (HMV) €13.99- how is she only 25!

Coco Chanel Life Portraits book (ASOS) €17.65- for my big adult real world future house I never seem to be able to save for.

Fantastic Cities colouring book (ASOS) €16.16- mindfulness and all that.

Green & Blacks Miniature Bar Collection (Tesco) €6- because Green & Blacks chocolate is good for you right?!

Châteauneuf-du-Pape (Tesco) €20- in celebration of Olivia Pope returning to our screens.

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